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(Reading) Diary: 3 February 2020



10.31 – Man, I feel crap. I was sick over the weekend – a mild flu only, but I still feel like death warmed up. My daughter started with a temperature late on Thursday and stayed home from school on Friday and by the end of Friday I knew I was going to be next. So, yes, sore throat, feverish and a cold were all part of the fun. Now I am mainly blocked up, which is just making me feel horrible! I am not good at being sick, I must admit.

Anyway, not being able to much, did let me do a fair bit of reading. Not as much you would think, as my eyes were tired quickly, but I still managed to get a good chunk into Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson (book 13 of The Wheel of Time series). I love these last three books in the series that were finished by Sanderson. There is more urgency to them and really elevate the series. It’s worth reading the whole series just to get to them.

I am listening to How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell, read by David Tennant. It is the audio book that I have owned the longest, so it’s about time! It’s only short and I had a few days to bridge until I could purchase a new one. I imagine I should finish 200203blistening to it in the next few days. I love listening to David Tennant – he has a fine voice for audio books!

Finally, I started Dress Shop of Dreams by Menna van Praag last night. It has been on my Kindle a couple of years and I wanted something not too taxing for when I went to bed. I think it fits the bill. I am only about 10% in. It’s a bit whimsical and the characters are a bit stilted so far. I think I will enjoy it, but I doubt I will end up loving it. It could surprise me though!

On a non-reading note, I have started using the idea of modules in my wardrobe. Each module consists of one top layer (cardigan or jacket), two bottoms (skirt/trousers) and three tops. You can also add some shoes or bags if it helps finish an outfit. I was finding I wore the same stuff all the time, because it is simply easiest to grab a pair of jeans and a jumper in the morning. Hence, I was not fully utilizing my clothes. It was not even about comfort zones, but simply about laziness. I am finding the visuals useful. Even just having created them is enough, because I remember….

For example:

Module 2 (yellow trousers)

I am quite a visual person, so these do help me know what it is in my wardrobe and which items I can wear it with.

I need to create some more!

15.19 – Blegh – still feeling rubbish! I did manage to read about 60 pages of Towers of 200203cMidnight and I listened to a bit of How To Train Your Dragon as I struggled with my daily animal chores. I am about to go and feed the ponies outside, so maybe five minutes of fresh air will do me good.

I took my little girl (not so little anymore – she’s 7!) to the dentist today for a check-up and she was very good despite being nervous. I am very proud of her as she has been known to freak out at stuff she is worried about.

Once I have taken the hay out I will have a cup of tea and read some more.

I have been binging Next In Fashion on Netflix the last few days in the evenings and I am looking forward to watching some more this evening once Ro is in bed. It’s a bit like Project Runway, but without the added drama, and I think I actually prefer it that way. It’s a great mindless show to watch when your brainpower is incapacitated.

21.57 – I did manage to read over 100 pages of Towers of Midnight – yay! I spent a few minutes with my ponies Freda and Pippin, but I left them to their own devices most of the time today. Freda is the piebald gypsy vanner and Pippin is the Shetland pony.  They are both grumpy at the moment, so argue a lot. I don’t think they like winter that much. Or just grey weather…. They always much happier and less grumpy when the sun is out. They are also both very shaggy and dirty at the moment, especially Freda, as she liked to lie in her poo at night – yuck!


I did finish watching Next in Fashion, which was fun and now I feel exhausted, so I will be off to bed soon. I HATE being ill!!!!

This was a bit of a crappy reading diary – I will try again on better day!


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