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Contemporary-a-thon TBR

I will try and do this readathon that takes place 10-16 February.

The challenges are as follows (and you’re allowed to use one book for as many challenges as you like):

  1. Read a book with green on the cover
  2. Read a book by an author that is new to you
  3. Read a diverse contemporary
  4. Read a backlist book
  5. Read a dark/hard hitting contemporary
  6. Read a book with an illustrated cover
  7. Read a book recommendation

For challenges 1 (green), 2 (new to me author) and 7 (recommendation) I have chosen to read My Sister, The Serial Killer by Onyikan Braithwaite. I have heard so many good things about this one – hence I chose it as a book recommended to me by others!

For challenges 3 (diverse) and 6 (illustrated cover – sort of, right?) I have chosen The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo, which I have been meaning to read for a while.

Finally for challenges 4 (backlist – as I have owned this book for over a year) and 5 (dark/hard hitting contemporary) I will read Home Fire (Kamila Shamsie).

I think those three books should be doable and they are three books that I think I will love!

Are you taking part? Which books are you reading?

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