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Book Thoughts: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (J K Rowling)

Rowling, J K - Harry Potter 5 and the Order of the Phoenix


Title: Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
Author: J K Rowling
Genre: Fiction / YA/ Fantasy    Pages: 956
First published: 2003
Edition: Paperback, published in 2004 by Bloomsbury

Harry is furious that he has been abandoned at the Dursleys’ house for the summer, for he suspects that Voldemort is gathering an army, that he himself could be attacked, and that his so-called friends are keeping him in the dark. Finally rescued by wizard bodyguards, he discovers that Dumbledore is regrouping the Order of the Phoenix – a secret society fist formed years ago to fight Voldemort. But the Ministry of Magic is against the Order, lies are being spread by the wizards’ tabloid the Daily Prophet, and Harry fears that he may have to take on this epic battle against evil alone.

Having not read this one since around the time it came out, it was a joy to revisit this book.

As with all Harry Potter books there are plot holes, here kind of unsuccessfully explained by a certain monologue, but if you do not linger on that, they are immensely enjoyable. This one is no different. In fact, I think this is one of the strongest books in the series and its story is highly engaging from start to finish.

Some characters are introduced or expanded in this book, which adds to the story. In Dolores Umbridge we have a villain that we love to hate and due to Harry’s highly volatile emotions we have a flawed hero that we cannot help but love and feel sympathetic towards. The dynamics here are very well written indeed. I really enjoyed the fact that apart from good and evil there was a pretty large grey area as well. Centering this book not only on the battle with You-Know-Who, but also on school politics made it a much larger, but far more interesting book.

I thoroughly enjoyed this re-read and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series in the not-too-distant future.

6 out of 7 stars


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