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Book Thoughts: The Song of the Sirin (Nicholas Kotar)

Kotar, Nicholas - Raven Son 1 The Song of Sirin


Title: The Song of the Sirin (Raven Son #1)
Author: Nicholas Kotar
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
First published: 2014
Edition: Kindle e-book

An evil omen clouds the sky. A song of lore returns. Can one man’s quest save the world?

Voran can’t help but believe the rumors. As blight ravages the countryside and darkness covers the sun, the young warrior of Vasyllia hears of an ancient spirit that devours souls. He feels powerless to fight the oncoming devastation until a mythical creature entrusts him with a long-forgotten song. Legend has it that such a song can heal the masses, overthrow kingdoms, and raise humans to divine beings…

Armed with the memory of the song, Voran must hunt down a dark spirit before it achieves its goal of immortality. His quest takes him through doorways to other worlds and puts him on a collision course with seductive nymphs and riddling giants. With each step of the journey, the strength of the villainous spirit grows, as does Voran’s fear that the only way to save his world… is to let it be destroyed.

The Song of the Sirin is an epic fantasy retelling of the Russian fairy tale Prince Ivan and the Grey Wolf.

This series has been on my TBR since I first heard about it in 2014. The synopsis simply spoke to me. I finally decided to read it. I feel a curious mixture of slight disappointment and hope.

Let’s get the disappointment out of the way first. I felt the writing, especially early on in the book, felt clumsy and it did not flow well. I felt I was just thrown in the story and I was told things, but I was not getting time to get to know the characters and to understand their motivations. This feeling remained througout this first novel in the series. It felt a bit haphazard at times and there was quite a bit of telling rather than showing.

However, the story did pick up and I really enjoyed the folklore and the actual story it was telling. I was starting to warm towards our characters in the end, but I wish that had happened sooner. Towards the end there were glimpses of beauty in the writing as well that make me want to pick up the next book in this series, because there is clearly so much potential here. 

I will be continuing the series. This book was probably more interesting than its bare rating suggests, but I feel right now this is where it sits in my head.

I should mention that there are strong religious themes, so if that is something you are not comfortable with, this may not be for you. It did not bother me personally, as it really felt part of the folklore this fantasy world was based on.

4 out of 7 stars. 

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