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March 2020 Reading Wrap-Up & April Plans

March was an odd month for all of us, I think. I had my birthday at the beginning of the month and then everything went crazy as the corona virus went pandemic.

It was a pretty good reading month overall, especially the first half.




I read 14 books in total. In a way it was quantity over quality, but I did not hate any of the books.  There were a number of books under 200 pages, so it is not as impressive as it looks! I also read one graphic novel/picture book. I listened to two audio books and read a few books that had been on my TBR for ages. I took a foray into adult romance with mediocre results. If you have some recommendations for really good adult romance books, I would love to hear them!

200303 Mackesy, Charlie - The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse1BOOK OF THE MONTH:

The only graphic novel (more of a picture book) I read so far this year, turned out to be my favourite thing in the whole wide world. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy had me in floods of heartwarming tears.

I absolutely loved it and would recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone! It is absolutely precious and so sweet and poignant at the same time. My heart swells just thinking about it!


April Reading Plans:

I am currently reading Esmond in India by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. I am also still listening to The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy on audio (narrated by Alan Rickman). I am about halfway through both of those. I started Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine. If I like it, I may read Killman Creek as well. I have been advised to leave it there, rather than read the rest in the series. I will be reading A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, the final book of The Wheel of Time series. It will be weird to have finished it again. Reading a book every two months has been such a staple.

Apart from that, I will read a couple of books from my 20 for 20 list, but I have no fixed reading plans. Instead I will continue to mood read.

What will you be reading?


One thought on “March 2020 Reading Wrap-Up & April Plans

  1. A narration by Alan Rickman sounds amazing! I can’t wait to hear your final thoughts on it.

    I’m glad you had such an enjoyable reading month in March! Here’s to April!

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