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WWW Wednesdays: 3 June 2020



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The three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you will read next?




What am I currently reading?

I am still listening to Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography Born To Run. I am not halfway yet, but I have been enjoying the listen. Though I have never been a huge fan of his, I am enjoying the way he tells his story.

Yesterday I picked up a new read. I chose How To Stop Time by Matt Haig. I have read a couple of his books before, but this one is very different from either of those. I am LOVING it!

Unexpectedly, I have started reading The Selection by Kiera Cass yesterday. I think this was a surprise all round! Since How To Stop Time is a hardback and I hate reading those in bed, I decided to choose something random off my Kindle. I wanted it to be very different from my other current reads and for some reason I chose this. I have heard good things and the few pages I have read I have enjoyed, so fingers crossed!

What have I recently finished reading?

Since last Wednesday I have finished Meet Me In The Bathroom by Lizzy Goodman, which was a fun non-fiction musical ride!

I also read the first volume of comic book series Heavy Vinyl, Riot on the Radio. That was a lot of fun as well!

Finally I finished Cherry Beats, which is a self-published rockstar romance by Vicki James. That one was just ok. There were definitely things I liked about it. It wasn’t cringeworthy for the most part and there was good chemistry,, but it did not quite do it for me. That one was still part of my Musical May.

West, Catherine Adel - Saving Ruby KingWhat will I be reading next?

I will be reading Saving Ruby King by Catherine Adel West in the next week hopefully. That one is out on 16 June, so I would like to get that read and reviewed with some time to spare. I fully expect to love that one.


9 thoughts on “WWW Wednesdays: 3 June 2020

  1. I can’t wait to read How To Stop Time! And I’m also planning to read Saving Ruby King some time soon. I hope you will enjoy your books this week and happy reading. xx

      1. Oh that’s fantastic to hear! I’ve enjoyed his books in the past and I really hope to get to How To Stop Time soon. xx

  2. I had Born To Run on my tbr for SO LONG!!! It’s a bit ridiculous at this moment. lol

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