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Book Thoughts: Wild Stallion Whispering (Dawn Westcott)


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Title: Wild Stallion Whispering
Author: Dawn Westcott
Genre: Non-Fiction / Horses
First published: 2016
Edition: Hardcover, published by Halsgrove Publishing

The real-life story of a wild and tempestuous Exmoor colt foal who was rounded up from his moorland home and – after being weaned and multiple hot branded – found himself unwanted and facing a bleak future. He was offered a lifeline by Dawn who faced the formidable challenge of taming him. This is the story of how ‘Bear’ becomes a magnificent registered stallion – taking the showing world by storm, winning two world championships in horse agility – and how he conquers his fears and learns to build a bond of trust with Dawn.


I received this book from my mother-in-law as a gift. We have two ponies of our own and I am interested in a lot of the training the author does with her ponies. Like her, I am training my ponies to ride bitless.

I really enjoyed reading Bear’s story from rejected moorland foal to a Champion Exmoor and Agility superstar, through Dawn’s (mostly) expert guidance. She also highlights mistakes she has made in his training and how she corrected those mistakes.

Gentle training and true connection with your equine is at the heart of this book and I hope to apply some of her knowledge to my own ponies and my mare’s colt foal, which will come back to me in a year or two’s time.

She also highlighted the plight of the endangered Exmoor pony and the welfare issues that unfortunately still exist.


If you are not interested in horses, this book won’t do much for you, but for someone like me it was a nice treat that made a bit of a change from my normal reading.

5 out of 7 stars


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