Reading Diary

Sunday Reading Diary: 28 June 2020

08.53 – I have already listened to some of A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson (narrated by….) whilst clearing out the pony paddock. It’s a fun listen for sure. I am on chapter 8. I never get tired of Bill Bryson’s dry humour, but to be honest it has been a few years since I read one of his books. We have a few on our shelves, including this one I am listening to.

I am about to pick up Mo’ Meta Blues by Ahmire ‘Questlove’ Thompson. Yes, he of Jimmy Fallon’s band. I randomly saw someone mention this book and I thought it sounded fun. Plus it has a funky cover – though I am reading it on my Kindle. I am only on page 20 or thereabouts, but I like it so far. It’s about music, so it’s easy to like!

The physical book I am reading right now is Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel, which is a book that I have owned for years, but that I have always felt intimidated by. Since I have been having a really good reading month, I felt now was the time to pick it up. I am about 50 pages in and though I like it, it has not won me over yet. I do tend to like books set in the Tudor time period, so I am pretty sure it will grow on me.

I don’t have an awful lot to do today (besides going to visit my parents as they have a new puppy that we need to meet) and felt today would be the perfect day to try and read as much as I can. It’s a Sunday after all!

If I can read about 200 pages in total I would be very pleased. I will update you as and when I feel I have made some progress.

This was my starting point this morning:
A Walk in the Woods: page 118
Mo’ Meta Blues: page 23
Wolf Hall: page 58


12.15 – I haven’t made the progress I had hoped for and there will be no reading for a few hours! I have made it to page 141 of A Walk in the Woods and page 63 of Mo’ Meta Blues.

Pages read so far: 23 + 40 = 63.

I had hope for more, to be honest! I have not even touched Wolf Hall yet. I am enjoying Mo’ Meta Blues quite a bit. I like Ahmir’s way of telling his story. I love music, so seeing someone as passionate as obsessive about music as it is possible to me is a true joy!

Bill Bryson is Bill Bryson, a light listen and a lot of fun.

More reading after playing with my folks’ new puppy!


18.13 – We were away longer than we meant to! The new puppy was way too cute and we stayed at my parents for way too long!

I did listen to a bit more of Bill Bryson’s book when I got back whilst doing some chores.

So I am on page 153 of A Walk in the Woods and page 70 of Mo’ Meta Blues.  No progress on Wolf Hall so far!

37+ 47 = 84 pages read. Not as good as I wanted, but not too shabby either! Hopefully I will make a bit more progress tonight once the child has gone to bed.


21.00 – Read a bit of Wolf Hall. I think my hubby is going to watch some television together soon. I am having a bit of trouble concentrating as well. I am not quite sure how I am going to get on with this book. I like it, but it is a bit drier than I expected, which makes it a little hardgoing. I read about 25 pages of it, so definitely not quick progress.


23.43 – I am going to call it a day. Not quite the reading day I had imagined (as usual), but I made some decent progress.

Final count:
up to page 155 = 37 pages
Mo’ Meta Blues: up to page 79 = 56 pages
Wolf Hall: up to page 107 = 49 pages

Total= 142 pages

I have just decided to pick up another (4th book), as I want to read a little bit in bed, but I don’t fancy any of these books for bedtime reading. I need something light and fluffy.

Good night!

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