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Off The Grid Readathon Diary – day 2

Off The Grid Readathon – day 2 of 3 (Saturday)

Carty-Williams, Candice - Queenie11.13 – I have done the grocery shopping earlier. It’s a warm day today, so I am hoping to be able to read in the sun today inbetween chores.

I started on page 27 of Queenie this morning. I am bout to start chapter 4 on page 63. I really like it so far! I like how it glimpses to earlier events in her life and relationship a bit at a time.

Because it is a hardback and I hate reading those in bed, I started an adult romance on my Kindle last night. It is called Submitting to the Rancher by B J Wane. No idea why I ever got this, because it’s a BDSM romance and am Wane, B J - Submitting to the RancherI into that kind of kink? Not really, but if I don’t like it I will happily DNF it. I am only about 20 pages in and it’s not too bad. I needed a third book for my 3 adult romance mini reviews and it kind of fits with two I have already read, which were historical fiction with BDSM in it. Maybe it is like ‘Try A Romance Genre’. I was not too impressed with the first two to be fair. I doubt this one wil float my boat particularly, but you never know! I may discover something new about myself… 😂 At least it will be another book read off my Kindle TBR. What romance genre should I try next? Regency? Highlander? Aliens? Contemporary? Let me know if you have opinions!

Anyway, my hubby just made me a coffee and I will go back to reading Queenie. Laters!

13.03 – I am on page 115 and really enjoying this book. Queenie is both relatable and makes me angry for being such a pushover! My plan is to get at least to page 200 today, as the book is 390 pages.

I am also enjoying not looking at my phone at all. No Facebook, no twitter (which to be honest I hardly ever check anyway), no Instagram, etc. I did watch a couple of YouTube videos earlier. Is that allowed?

Anyway, today is all about getting some house chores done and reading this book that I am loving so far. I am feeling good. About to pick some wineberries with my daughter. The bush in my garden is suddenly starting to burst with them.

17.01 – About to start preparing dinner. We’re having picnic dinner, because of the nice 200718aweather, so not cooking, though some assembly required.

I did some gardening and then sat outside reading for a bit. Also, me and my eight-year-old daughter spent some time photographing butterflies in the back garden. Good times!

As for the book, I really like it, but man, I want to give Queenie a good shake. She really needs to grow a backbone. Of course, I am still waiting for some background information, so who knows what she’s been through already. I do find myself really rooting for her.

21.15 – I have done well. I got to page 213, so I got to my goal of page 200 and surpassed it for once. Yay! At least I am over halfway. I started this morning on page 27, so if i can get to page 227 before I go to bed I would be very happy.

We are about to sit down and watch a movie. We decided to watch Murder Mystery, a Netflix movie starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. I hope it’s decent!

See you on the other side!

23.14 – About to head to bed. I will try and read few more pages of Queenie before I do so.

What have you been reading this weekend?

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