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Off The Grid Reading Diary – Day 3

Off The Grid Readathon – day 3 of 3 (Sunday)

08.14 – Hello, fellow book friends! Already fed my ponies, though I still have to go poop scooping (glamorous, I know!), but I am having breakfast first whilst watching some Booktube videos.

I also have to prepare my Airbnb cottage for guests arriving this afternoon this morning, so though I will have some time to listen to my audio book, which is I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Andalou, which is heartbreaking!

I hope to get a bit of Queenie in this morning, but it may be the afternoon before I start reading it. I will be starting on page 239 when I do.

Have a great day!


14.01 – Right, cottage ready for new guests. Just had lunch and did a bit of reading. I am about to start page 362. There are only 30 pages or so to go, so I should finish easily today. Probably some time this afternoon. I have loved reading Queenie. It deals with so many important issues that need more attention; mental health, racism, self image, family dynamics. At the same time, it is so readable and I am simply rooting for Queenie. I just want to give her a big hug (even though she doesn’t like hugs).

15.09 – Done! I loved this book so much. The ending as just perfect to me. I think we all recognise parts of Queenie in ourselves, whatever colour or sex we are. We all need to appreciate the things that make us unique, that make us who we are. Because we are all that… unique and special. I will go and right my thoughts on this book and slip it back on my shelf with a smile on my face.

22.15 – I gave Queenie 6 out of 7 stars in the end. Really enjoyed it.

Wane, B J - Submitting to the RancherI have been reading Submitting to the Rancher to fill the gap to the start of The Reading Rush. To be honest, it’s not floating my boat at all. The writing is not entirely bad, but I almost DNFd it about 40% in. I am clearly only comfortable with the BDSM aspect up to a certain point.  I am 75% in now and I am sure I will finish it, but I doubt I will ever read a  true BDSM romance again. Not… my…. thing.

23.35 – About to head to bed. I finished Submitting to the Rancher. I ended up giving it 2 stars. It not that bad, but it was simply not for me. I had some issues with the way sex was used to solve ANY issues. I mean, what? No!

I will post a brief review of that one alongside a couple of other adult romances soon. I really don’t have much to say about them to be fair. I did already post my review on Goodreads.

The Reading Rush is up next – exciting! I am aiming to read 4 books.

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