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The Reading Rush – Day 1-2

MONDAY, 20 July 2020


4. Read the first book you touch.

7. Read a book that takes place on a different continent from where you live.

2. Read a book with a title that starts with ‘The’.

Ringland, Holly - The Lost Flowers of Alice HartThose are the categories my first book works for. I put my Reading Rush TBR in a pile at midnight and closed my eyes, randomly touching one. This would be my first read of the Readathon and would dictate what else I would read.

Well, my first book is The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, by Holly Ringland. It is the biggest book on my TBR, but also fits three categories. It is on my 20 Books of Summer TBR as well as my 2020 TBR. I guess it;s a good one to start off with.

My daughter (8) thinks she may participate. We will try and choose some books for her today.

10.18 – About to make some coffee, after which I will spend some time with my lovely ponies. A specialist vet is coming for my Shetland pony Pippin on Wednesday. He is having some lameness issues that I can’t seem to solve and my normal vet appears a bit useless with it. Maybe they just think it’s only a Shetland pony, so who cares? Well, I care! He is only 11 and could have 20 years ahead of him, so if I can help him, I will! This particular vet has a mobile clinic and is able to do x-rays. I am not sure he will think it necessary, but at least we have the option. I just want to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

I have started The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart. I am only 15 pages in. This is definitely a book I could end up loving. It has pretty small font and it has 370 pages, so was this a wise choice for a readathon TBR? Maybe not, but at least it ticks 3 boxes!


17.33 – I am only on page 30! That’s not much progress, is it? I like the book, but I have simply not had much time to read today. I trained my ponies, then had lunch and spend choosing books for my daughter, who wants to participate in the readathin. She chose three books. Then her friend came to play and I had coffee with his mum. Before I knew it it was 16.45!

Just posted my adult romance taste test.

I am about to do dinner. It will have to be pasta tonight 🙂 Hopefully I can concentrate on reading my book tonight! Not the best of starts to The Reading Rush so far!

22.54 – I managed 100 pages so far today. I am loving this book so far. It already broke my heart a thousand times, but so, so so good! I love the mention of all the Australian things, like Vegemite, anzac biscuits, kookaburras, possums and galahs. It makes me happy and maybe a little nostalgic to the year I spent in Australia in my early twenties. I loved that country so much. Waking up to the sound of kookaburras and Australian magpies… There’s nothing like it. I would love to return some day… It made me realise I want to read more books set in Australia full of Australian things. Any recommendations welcome!

TUESDAY, 21 July 2020 – DAY 2

11.38 – I am 164 pages into The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart right now. I had planned to read 200 pages yesterday, but only managed half that. I am pretty sure I won’t be able to catch up today, but if I can get to page 300 I will be very happy. So far, I am absolutely loving this book. It’s perfection. I love the writing, the characters, the descriptions. It’s definitely has a tinge of sadness and horrible things have happened. So far, I think this may be a new favourite… We’ll see!

23.26 – Completely forgot to update today! My parents came over this afternoon and we did some gardening together, so that was my afternoon gone. I did manage to read another 100 pages. I am about to start page 271. I am happy with that. I have about 100 pages to go.

Brosh, Allie - Hyperbole and a HalfI guess for a 7-day readathon to take 3 days over the first book is not great, is it?! However,  it can count it towards three categories if I need to.

I did also read the first 47 pages of Hyperbole and a Half in the garden earlier today. This graphic memoir / graphic book (not a novel!) could count for for two categories as well (genre I would like to read more of and read a book outside)

I am planning on finishing both these books tomorrow if I can. The vet is coming to look at Pippin, my Shetland pony, in the morning, but apart from that I should have time to read. I hope.


(and let me know if you’re participating!)

L. xx


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