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The Reading Rush: day 6-7

SATURDAY, 25 Juy 2020

10.55 – Day 6 of The Reading Rush and it’s raining. Yuck! Well, chores are mostly done. I have been to the supermarket, I have fed and cleaned the pony paddock. I just had a coffee with my husband (not that that’s a chore!) and now I am ready to sit down with The Dinner. I am quite curious to see where it’s going. There has been mention that they found out something about their sons, but what is it? I am not sure what I would call this book? It’s very slow and mundane, but there’s an edge to it. I am not bored at all!

Koch, Herman - Het Diner17.47 – Funny how as I try and document my reading daily, my updates become further apart! I am on page 203 of The Dinner. I found out what awful thing the sons did. Vile people, all of them. The narrative  is starting to drift all over the place and it is losing me a little. I have about a third to go.

I was thinking that I want to read some fantasy once I have finished this one. I am craving some fantasy for some reason. I may continue the Blackthorn & Grim series by Juliet Marillier.

23.59 – I have finished The Dinner. I decided I wanted to finish it before bed and I managed! I am pretty proud of myself.

I will decide tomorrow whether to read a fantasy book or one of the other two books that I had on my Reading Rush TBR. After all, I have completed all the challenges with the four books I have already read. I think I chose well this time. I enjoyed all four books and they were all very different. I ticked three books off my TBR that had been on my shelves a while.

It is pretty much 26 July now, so I will take it easy these final few days of the month and not concentrate on reading so much.

Night night!

SUNDAY, 26 July 

10.04 – I finished my four books of The Reading Rush, which complete all the challenges, and I have decided not to read any more of The Reading Rush TBR.

I had been reading It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne in bed the last few nights. I like a light read before bed that is easy to dip in and out of. I am enjoying it, so I have decided to continue with that time for a bit this morning before picking up Tower of Bourne, Holly - It Only Happens in the MoviesThorns by Juliet Marillier, the second book in the Blackthorn & Grim series that I have been meaning to continue for yonks!

My Airbnb guests are leaving today and I have new ones arriving tomorrow, so I have some cleaning to do today and I want to exercise my Shetland pony as the specialist vet confirmed he is a bit overweight. We need to sort that out. The problem is that he has been lame and I have not wanted to force it, but he is a lot better right now, so I need to up his exercise.

15.22 – I am loving It Only Happens in the Movies so much I can’t stop reading it! So Tower of Thorns will be put off until I finish this one I am afraid. This is the kind of YA I love. It’s basically a romcom, but I just love the characters and there are serious issues being discussed. On a side note, I also love how it talks about losing your virginity in real terms. I think it’s good for teenage girls to read books like this that give a realistic view of what it’s like and romanticised versions. I am 53% in right now. I could finish this today, but I think it will probably roll into tomorrow. I am really enjoying it though!

MONDAY, 27 July

08.53 – I forgot to update and post yesterday. The Reading Rush has officially ended. I completed my four books and I am very pleased with how the week has gone. My absolute favourite book I have read was The Lost Flowers of Alice Heart. I LOVED that book. However, I liked all all my books. My ratings were as follows:


The ratings got steadily worse! I did like The Dinner, by the way. I just had some issues with it. The above four books completed all The Reading Rush challenges.

On a side note, I discovered that this copy of About A Boy, which I picked up for 1 euro in the charity shop is actually a first edition. I kind of like that!

I am currently still reading It Only Happens in the Movies, which I hope to finish today. I have also got Tower of Thorns down from my upstairs shelves, so I will probably start reading that today. I won’t have a ton of time for reading today and since I have read a lot in the past week I am going to take it easy!

If you participated in The Reading Rush, let me know! Back to normal now!

Have a great week, peoples!

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