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Book Thoughts: Tower of Thorns (Juliet Marillier)



Title: Tower of Thorns (Blackthorn & Grim #2)
Author: Juliet Marillier
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
First published: 2015
Edition: Massmarket Paperback, published by ROC in 2016

A noblewoman asks for the prince of Dalriada’s help in expelling a creature who threatens the safety and sanity of all who live nearby from an old tower on her land–one surrounded by an impenetrable hedge of thorns. With no ready solutions to offer, the prince consults Blackthorn and Grim.

I am so glad I finally continued with this series. This second instalment of Blackthorn and Grim’s story was such a joy to read. I loved the story, which is so filled with fairytale magic and gaelic folklore that it was such a wonderful escape.

I love the setting in medieval Ireland, but what really warmed my heart was the characters. Both Blackthorn and Grim are so well fleshed out and since we get both their points of views we see their relationship and bond develop. Grim must be one of my favourite characters I have read in a fantasy book for a long time.

There was so much mystery in this that I found it hard to stop reading – I simply needed to know what the heck was going on! The third point of view is from Geiléis, the woman who asks Blackthorn to lift a curse that has befallen her homeland. This third point of view works really well in this book. Through her, some of the mystery slowly gets unfolded in a most tantalizing way.

This was such a delightful read that I can’t wait to read the third book, Den of Wolves, very soon!

6 out of 7 stars


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