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Book Thoughts: Greenmantle (Charles de Lint)

Mobsters and fantasy do not mix!


Title: Greenmantle
Author: Charles de Lint
Genre: Fiction / Fantasy
First published: 1988
Edition: Paperback, published in 1992 by Pan Fantasy

Not far from the city lies an ancient wood, forgotten by the rest of the world, where mystery walks in the shape of a horned man wearing a cloak of leaves. And, when this man touches your dreams, your life will never be the same again.


The above synopsis simply did not prepare me for what this fantasy novel was about. I am not sure what this book wanted to be to be honest. The mixture of a mobster/criminal storyline and fey-type fantasy characters really did not work that well for me. The contrast of the two elements was too jarring for me.

I did sympathise with the two main characters, one a young girl and the other a retired mobster dude, but it was not enough to save this story. It was also a pretty sexist book and it was pretty clear throughout that it was written by a man and probably for men as well. Women were very much objectified. And showing a young girl lecherous scenes… Erm… no.

It was not all bad and the story definitely held some interesting concepts, but it was not enough to redeem its flaws. It did not work for me.

2 out of 7 stars

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