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(Poetry) Book Thoughts: The Love Poems of Rumi

The trouble with translations…

☆UNRATED☆ (for now)

Title: The Love Poems of Rumi
Author: Rumi (translated by Nader Khalili)
Genre: Poetry
First published: 1998 (originals written in the 13th century)
Edition: Hardback, published by Wellfleet in 2015

 Included in this book is a collection of Jalal al-Din Rumi’s passionate love poems, translated by Nader Khalili. Beautifully designed and illustrated throughout, you’ll become spiritually inspired by the words in this book. Perfect for lovers, dreamers, and poets, the poems from this 13th century theologist will leave you wistfully peaceful.


Yes, I fell for the package. This is a nice looking volume with gilded edges and all that jazz.

After reading a few books that mentioned Rumi’s work in a smaller or larger extent, I felt compelled to pick up some work by him. I now feel that this volume was not the right choice to dive into his work. The translation feels very clumsy and does not flow well.

The longer poems definitely feel more coherent than the shorter ones, but still the translation kept bothering me. At times a poem would touch my heart, but then some clumsy wording would ruin it for me.

I have now researched the most faithful translations of Rumi’s work and I will definitely try a different translation instead.

I will leave this unrated for now. I did not hate it, but it did leave me unsatisfied.


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