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Reading Diary: 13-15 February 2021 (mainly Ninth House)

WARNING: pretty frustrating, but boring reading blog ahead! 😂🤣

SATURDAY, 13 February 2021

08.37 – Well, it’s a wintery weekend. It’s very cold outside. The fire will be roaring pretty much all day. I think it’s time for a weekend of lots of reading.

I am reading Leigh Bardugo’s Ninth House. I am about 100 pages in and I am not loving it, so I need some motivation to keep going. If it does not improve soon, I will have to DNF it, but I hate DNFing books! It feels like a waste of my reading time if I don’t finish a book, especially if I am already over 100 pages in. I did enjoy Bardugo’s Grishaverse trilogy, so I still have a flutter of hope I will end up liking it.

I may pick up a poetry book alongside, or some short stories. I’ll see.

Finally, I should be finishing my audio book today, which is There Goes Gravity by long-time music journalist Lisa Robinson. It’s been a good one, if a bit smug at times.

But first I will take my two ponies outside into their winter wonderland and go for our weekly shop.

10.54 – It’s finally time to get some reading in. My aim is to read about 150 pages of Ninth House today. I really hope I will start enjoying it a bit more.

12.21 – I did not get a ton of reading done so far, about 30 pages. It is picking up a bit, so I am hopeful now 🙂 ! I am getting more of a feel for our main character now a bit more of her history is explained. The first 100 pages of this book though…. Not strong. I guess it’s supposed to make you intrigued, but it just made me feel uninterested. Anyway, there is a chance I may like this after all, so fingers crossed. It really depends on where the author takes the story from here.

It’s lunchtime. We have a few outdoor chores to do after lunch, but I am hoping to read quite a bit later.

18.23 – It’s been a while since my last update earlier and I am afraid not THAT much reading got done. We spent some time cutting back trees and bushes from the ice now the water surrounding our house is frozen over. After that I did a bit of skating with my eight-year-old daughter. Dinner is in the oven now and I just had twenty minutes of reading. I think I started on page 104 this morning and I am on page 163 now, so there definitely is some progress! The story has definitely gotten a lot more interesting, but I am certainly not in love with this story yet. It’s fine. I just find the characters way too uninteresting for some reason. Neither Alex nor Darlington are floating my boat in any way and the story so far is… mediocre. There is still time to win me over!

23.38 – I am about to go to bed. I clearly overestimated the time I would have for reading today. It has been a busy, tiring day and I am off to bed. I enjoyed today, but I only managed to get to page 174 so far. It’s still 70 pages, which is not to be sniffed at! But alas, I had planned to read double that! I guess tomorrow is another day, but my goal to finish this book on Monday is very unlikely now. It does not matter of course, but still. Fingers crossed for a better reading day tomorrow. I will try to read a bit more once I am in bed, but I feel pretty shattered.

Nighty night!

SUNDAY, 14 February 2021

9.32 – Good morning, folks! Oh, gawd, it’s Valentine’s Day… I have never liked Valentine’s Day. Me and my husband have never celebrated it. What’s romantic about overpriced Valentine menus and oversweet cards? It seems couples can argue like cats and dogs the rest of the year as long as you buy a bunch of roses onVD…. No thanks. It’s supposed to be for secret lovers anyway, not established couples. Just mean to say, today is like any other day in the James household. We love and respect each other and show it every day of the year.

Anyway, grump and part-lecture over! Let’s get back to the books. I am definitely finishing my audiobook today. I will go back to Chronicles by Bob Dylan after that for now.

I did not end up reading much in bed last night. I was soooooo tired. I will start Ninth House on page 182 and I will see how far I get today. I don’t have a lot on and I plan to just relax, so who knows, if the story starts to grab me I might read quite a bit.

13.45 – I read a bit. I on page 243 right now, so I read 60 pages so far today, which is pretty good. Guys, I am still not quite feeling this book. It feels like the build and the characterisation are all out of sync. I know people love this book, so it must work for a lot of people, but it’s not working for me. But I am halfway, and I am not hating it, so I will continue. It’s just… so far I am disappointed.

15.05 – Got some good reading time in. I got to page 299. I am frustrated with this book still. The story is so interesting but it feels so fractured! Considering the story, maybe it is meant to feel that way, but it is not working for me. Grrrrrrrr!

18.17 – About to have dinner. I am making a Indian type fish curry with rice. Yum! Just a quick note that I finished There Goes Gravity by Lisa Robinson. Another read (listen in this case) that I did not quite love. That seems to be the pattern this month. I have not read one single book yet I truly loved. And given how I feel about Ninth House right now, that one will get stuck and 4 or 5 stars as well. Where are my 6 and 7 star reads this month? Hiding? January was such a good reading month and this month everything is just falling a bit flat. Clearly I have been picking the wrong books! I have a few books that I suspect I will absolutely love, so I am tempted to pick up one of those up once I finish Ninth House.

MONDAY, 15 February 2021

11.37 – NOW PLAYING: BBC 6 Music (radio)

I was supposed to finish this blog post yesterday, but I was so tired I did not end up doing so. Oh, well, an extra reading diary day it is. I have already taken my daughter to the dentist this morning and just took the ponies to their wet snowy paddock. The snow has been on the ground for a week, but it is raining pretty much all day today and it’s disgusting out there. I am about to read for a bit until lunch. I am starting on page 351 today. I have a small hope I can finish the book today. Looks like I have about 120 pages to go, so it’s doable. I hope it finishes strong.

15.24 – NOW PLAYING: Someone New (album) by Helena Deland – I LOVE this album!

On page 391, so not too bad. About 80 pages to go. I cannot help think this book could have been so good if it did not feel so bitty! I am enjoying the overall plot, but not the flow of the book. The flow seems completely off to me. And the whole Yale setting seems underexplored. I wish I could love this book more. I feel like I am being very negative. I don’t mean to be, and I certainly don’t dislike the book. I just feel it underperforms, if that makes sense… Probably not… Most people seem to love it a lot more than I do! I must conclude it’s just me. 😂

17.57 – NOW PLAYING: Young Chasers (album) by Circa Waves – This one makes me happy!

Well, I have finished Ninth House. Drat, it had an ending that means I want to read the next book. Well played, Leigh Bardugo! To be fair, I did warm to the novel as it went on, even if I did not end up loving it. I probably will continue the series. I will go and write my thoughts on it in a moment. I think it will be 4 out of 7 stars in the end, which is not too bad. There was so much to like, but it also made me feel frustrated. It did get better along the way.

I will leave this blog here. I will probably not read anything more until I go to bed now. Anyway, I added the music I was listening to throughout today. Just because… you know… It sets a mood 😉

Have a good week y’all!

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