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Pointless Post: Goodreads Awards 2020

I never pay much attention to the Goodreads end of year awards, mainly because I read what I read and I am not always that current with the books I read. I have read the book that won the overall award (The Midnight Library by Matt Haig) and that kind of sparked my intrigue. I thought it w/c/ould be interesting to have a look at the actual lists, since I haven’t yet for exactly the reason I said in that first sentence. I thought it may be fun to see whether I have read any of them and what my thoughts were if I did. I will only look at the adult fiction books, as I hardly read YA or Middle Grade and the non-fiction I tend to read is unlikely to appear on the lists.

WARNING: This may be a complete dud of a post

Best Fiction

Ok, this is a good start (not). Of the 20 books listed I have read exactly one; The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. I have liked all the books I have read by him, so it is no surprise I liked this one. I read it in January this year and though I loved it, it was not even my favourite book of the month. I gave it 6 stars (out of 7). I do have My Dark Vanessa on my Kindle and I am definitely interested in reading that one maybe a few others.


Now, I knew this isn’t a genre I go to a lot. I do enjoy a thriller/mystery, but I just do not tend to read for them. Therefore it is no surprise that I have only read one of the twenty books listed. Coincidentally this was the winning book, which is The Guest List by Lucy Foley. I enjoyed it well enough and ended up giving it 5 out of 7 stars. Of the other books in this list there are none that jump out that scream for me to read them. As I said, not a go-to genre for me.

Historical Fiction

There is an ongoing theme here! I have not read any of these, but I am reading Hamnet at the moment, which I am really enjoying by the way. I have been reading more historical fiction lately, but not necessarily anything recent. I am fussy with historical fiction and looking at this list there are not that many I am interested in.


Yes, the trend continues. I have read one of these, which is Piranesi by Susanna Clarke. This is also possibly my favourite book of the year so far (7 gorgeous stars for this one!). I read it in January and adored it. There are a few books in this category I would be interested in reading for sure, especially The House in the Cerulean Sea by T J Klune.


Guess what? Yes, I have read one, which was Beach Read by Emily Henry and I was not a fan. I gave it 4 out of 7 stars only. I do like a romance, but I do not go out of my way to read popular romances.

Science Fiction

These books are all alien to me! I haven’t read any of these, though there are a few I may be intrigued by. Not enough to pick them up though. Science Fiction is a genre I read but rarely.


Nope, not one of these I have read. Like Science Fiction, Horror is not a genre I reach for. If one comes on my path, I am happy to read it and I may even love it every now and then, but I rarely buy it. I think the last horror I read was probably Bird Box, which I did love by the way…


I have been reading more poetry in recent months (though still not a lot). I have read one of these, which is Lana Del Rey’s Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass, which I loved. This is definitely the category I am most likely to come back to for ideas for picking up more contemporary poetry. There are several here that look interesting to me.


Not a surprise, but I am rubbish at reading popular books. Was there a point to this post? No, absolutely not. It did not accomplish anything at all, apart from my own amusement at how many books I haven’t read. Did it flag up books I would like to read in the future? A few, but most of those I was already aware of, apart from the poetry category, which is the most interesting to me.

In the end this was a completely pointless endeavour, but I will post it anyway. My apologies for wasting your time!

Have a great reading week. x

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