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Balancing my Books #3: March 2021

I feel good about my efforts this month. Although I am still reading two books I was unable to finish in March that I meant to, I still did well and managed to cross quite a few books off my physical TBR. My digital one? Not so much. Let’s see what happened this month:

Hardbacks/Paperbacks: 330
E-books: 183

Owned TBR on 1 March 2021

So I had gained two books on my physical TBR and was even Stevens on my eTBR.

Let’s have a look what happened in March.

Books acquired:
Hardbacks/Paperbacks: 1
E-books: 1

The only actual book acquired is a hardback copy of Your Song Changed My Life by NPR’s All Songs Considered and Tiny Desk Concerts maestro Bob Boilen. I read it as an e-book and loved it so much I bought myself a physical copy. I bought it secondhand.

The only e-book I acquired was Dominicana by Angie Cruz, which I read right away. Unfortunately I did not end up loving it as much as I expected. That one was 99p Kindle purchase.

So, a good start balance wise!

Books read: 12
Hardbacks/Paperbacks TBR: 
Hardbacks/Paperbacks 2021: 
E-books TBR: 0
E-books 2021: 2 (one which I now own a physical copy of)
Audio: 4 (two of which I own in physical form)

Now this ends up in a complicated sum as I listened to two books that were on my physical TBR and I retro-bought one book that I read as an e-book.

  1. Your Song Changed My Life (Bob Boilen) ebook/physical – 6*
  2. Johannesburg ( Fiona Melrose) paperback – 6*
  3. On Connection (Kae Tempest) hardback – 5*
  4. State of Sorrow (Melinda Salisbury) hardback – 5*
  5. Why Did You Leave The Horse Alone? (Mahmoud Darwish) paperback – 6*
  6. Listening to the Animals (Noel Fitzpatrick) hardback/audio – 5*
  7. Dominicana (Angie Cruz) e-book – 4*
  8. The Secret History (Donna Tartt) hardback – 6*
  9. Thinking on my Feet (Kate Humble) hardback/audio – 6*
  10. Ayoade on Top (Richard Ayoade) audio – 6*
  11. Wilder Girls (Rory Power) paperback – 4*
  12. Notes on a Nervous Planet (Matt Haig) audio – 6*

Physical TBR Balance Sheet
Start 2021: 330
Start March: 332
Acquired: 1 (read)
Read: 9
Balance: 324

I am very pleased with that. I am looking to buy a couple of books in April, but no big plans.

E-book TBR Balance Sheet
Start 2021: 183
Start March: 183
Acquired: 1 (read)
Read: 2
Balance: 182

I am concentrating on my physical TBR, so I am not too mad that this one was only reduced by 1. I hardly ever look at Kindle books right now, so I doubt I will be purchasing many in the near future!


It definitely was a month of two halves. I read a lot in the first half and not so much in the second half. I read quite a few shorter books and one poetry book (Why Did You Leave The Horse Alone?), which I ended up loving quite a bit. Half of the books I read were non-fiction, which I think is quite interesting.

I only ticked one book off my 2021 TBR, but it was one I was intimidated by (The Secret History), so I am ok with that. I am halfway through another one right now, so it’s fine. I also read a few books that were on my shelves for a couple of years already, so it’s nice to get those read.

Overall, I was happy with my reading in March. I am definitely enjoying my foray into poetry and I will be looking to continue that delightful journey. I am currently reading Charles Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil.

Quality wise I had no real duds, but also no absolute favourites. Two 4* reads, three 5* reads and an impressive seven (!) 6* reads.

Yes, a good reading month!

UNHAULED: Wilder Girls (Rory Power)


Ooh, so hard this month. So many good books without being outstanding. The writing in The Secret History was incredible, Why Did Your Leave the Horse Alone? was gorgeous, even if I did not always understand it, and all the non-fiction were great as well. I think I will go with Your Song Changed My Life by Bob Boilen. I just really enjoyed that one and inspired me to listen to some new music.

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