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WWW Wednesday: 26 January 2022

My reading is a bit slower compared to next week, but still pretty decent. It’s a good start to the year anyway. I am still waiting for the slump to hit 😂. Let’s hope it won’t.


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The three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you will read next?


What am I currently reading?

I am slowly making my way through my Selected Poems book by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. I am taking my time with that one I am not in a rush. I only read poetry when I am in the mood to read some, so I don’t push myself at all with that one. I am enjoying the poems. They’re quite surreal and kind of visual. It’s an interesting style. They definitely have a certain feeling. They’re quite melancholic.

I have finally started the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson with The Final Empire. I have been meaning to read it for ages and I kept putting it off. Not anymore! I am about a quarter in and I am enjoying it quite a bit. The magic system seems very original and interesting. I am curious to see where it goes.

I have also started the second book in Natalia Jaster’s Selfish Myths series, Torn. It is just another fantasy romance to read at nighttime before bed. I only read a little bit, but I am enjoying it so far. This one centres around Anger, who was the most intriguing of the side characters in the first book to me. Let’s hope I will like this one a bit better than the first.

Finally, I am listening to Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig. I have a physical copy of that book, but the audio book was free on my Audible subscription. It’s a pretty short one. It’s interesting to hear such an honest account of his experience with depression. I praise him for being so open. I am sure this book has helped people.

What did I recently finish reading?

I feel like my reading is all over the place at the moment. I did read a new favourite, or I listened to it I should say. That one was The Storyteller by the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl. It was such a pleasure to spend time with him in this book. It made me a bigger fan of the man, even if am still not a huge fan of any of the bands he’s been in. Sacrilege, I know!

I also finished two fantasy romances with Radiance (Grace Draven) and Touch (Natalia Jaster). As books Radiance was a bit better than Touch, but for some reason I decided to continue with the Selfish Myths series pretty much straight away. To be honest, it may have something to do with the fact that they were available on Kindle Unlimited and I have two months of my trial left!

Finally, I read my first Russian classic in The Overcoat and Other Stories by Nikolai Gogol. I actually enjoyed all four of the stories in this collection and I am looking forward to continuing my journey into Russian Classics.

What will I be reading next?

I am not entirely sure yet. I will probaby read one of my recent purchases next, but which one depends on my mood at the time. I am excited about all of them, so we will see.


Let me know what you’re reading!

12 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: 26 January 2022

    1. I definitely read best if I have different genres on the go! Variety is the spice of life 😉

      I think with poetry you just have dive in and let it lap over you. I do think it’s the most personal of genres. I tend to like longer, meatier poems rather than short snappy ones, but everyone’s different!

  1. Yay, for Mistborn!! I loved book 1 but haven’t continued the series yet BUT I need to! haha. I hate that I do this all the time. I need to force myself to keep going. I hope you enjoy it!

    My WWW!

    1. Yes, I am a third in now and definitely enjoying it. My plan for this year is to once I have started a series, to read the next book within a couple of months, so fingers crossed I will be reading book 2 in February or March at the latest!

      1. I have the same plan with series!! I started a new one this month and plan to get to the next one next month.. I hope!!! You got this though! 🙂

  2. Great books! I finished Jon Kalman Stefansson’s Heaven and Hell and am about to start the next one in the trilogy – grim Icelandic novels but not crime for once! I’ve also finished Brown Girls, which was brilliant (reviewing tomorrow, i think) and have started a new history of the Vikings.

    1. Icelandic books is an interestin category! I have never read a book set in/written by someone there. Any particular recommendations? Preferably not crime. 😂

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