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Books that have lingered on my shelves for far too long!

I was adding some categories on Goodreads for books I bought each year, so I can have a better overview how many books I still need to read from each year. I only started recording what books I bought in 2017. It was interesting to see what books I bought that year, because my buying habits and book taste have changed quite a bit.

I think it is about time I knocked some of these off my TBR. I will only list books acquired in 2017 or earlier. I have few categories I want to concentrate on.

  1. Books I think I will love that I should have read by now
  2. Books I think I have outgrown (YA)
  3. Books that are most likely to get DNFd and unhauled (low GR ratings)

Category one: Books I am most likely to love and want to read

  • Drinkers of the Wind (Carl Raswan) – This one pre-dates my keeping records, but I must have owned this book for about ten years. It’s a non-fiction book from the 1930/40s and I seem to remember it’s about the author going to live with an nomadic Arab desert tribe and their Arab horses. I was very interested in the Arabian horse at the time and I don’t know why I have not read this yet.
  • Orange Horses (Maeve Kelly) – I have put this one on TBRs countless times and I still haven’t read it. It’s a collection of short stories set in Ireland. It was published in the early 90s and again, I must have owned it for at least ten years.
  • Mansfield Park (Jane Austen) – It really is about time that I read this. I bought my copy of this in 2017.
  • The Angel’s Game (Carlos Ruiz Zafon) – I have both this one and The Prisoner of Heaven. I loved The Shadow of the Wind and though that one has been praised more than it’s follow-ups, I really want to read them.
  • Wolf Totem (Jiang Rong) – This is one of my first purchases that I recorded. I got it in a local charity shop. I have seen it doing the rounds again, which reminded me that yes, I really do want to read this.

Category two: Books I may have outgrown (YA)

  • Clockwork Angel (Cassandra Clare) – I have never read any of Cassandra Clare’s books and I picked this one up for a euro in a charity shop, because I had seen a lot of people talk about it at the time. I never read it.
  • Cinder (Marissa Meyer) – This was another YA book that was really popular at the time. The premise does still sounds interesting to me, but I have struggled with a lot of YA lately. It may be time to bite the bullet.
  • Looking for Alaska (John Green) – I am yet to read any John Green and this was another charity shop find.
  • Forest of a Thousand Lanterns (Julie C Dao) – I have a hardback of this that is taking up space. I will give it a go this year and see what I think. I like the idea of it, but whether I will actually like it….
  • Flame in the Mist (Renée Ahdieh) – I really hope I like this one as the cover is so beautiful! But… I did not like The Wrath and the Dawn that much, so I am a little worried. I would be sad to not like this one, and I think that is one of the reasons I have not picked this one up yet.

Books I am most likely to DNF/unhaul (lowest GR ratings)

Simply because maybe they should stop taking up space, simply because I am avoiding them…

  • According To Yes (Dawn French) – This one has very low GR ratings (3.22!) and I was not a fan of a previous book by her that I read.
  • Tasting Salt (Stephanie Dowrick) – This is another one that has low GR ratings (3.21), though it has hardly any reviews, so I am not sure what to expect. I may love it, or I may hate it.
  • The Giraffe’s Neck (Judith Schalansky) – I have this one in Dutch, but the original is in German, so it’s translated anyway. It’s equally low rated as the others. I like the Dutch cover as it has a manatee on it, which is why I bought it in the charity shop.
  • Maria Fitzherbert (James Munson) – Another charity shop buy. Non-fiction about some lady who had something to do with some king. Not sure I am that interested now, but I will give a go.
  • The Nest (Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney) – I remember buying this one in an airport many many years ago. It’s a tiny mass market paperback with very small font. It also has pretty abysmal ratings, though I remember it being popular at the time. I want to give it a go.


I think I want to do ‘try a chapter’ blog posts for the categories 2 and 3. If there are books on this list that you definitely want me to read, let me know and I will prioritize. My aim is to either read or unhaul these by the end of the year (preferably by summer, but we’ll see how things go).

Have you read any of these?

One thought on “Books that have lingered on my shelves for far too long!

  1. Mansfield Park is my favorite Austen (because it parodies the Gothic) and Looking for Alaska is one of my favorites by John Green, an author I read with my kids when they were teens and we still love (also he’s an alum at the college where I work).

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