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Book Thoughts: Psycho (Onley James)

Yeah, I should have known that one was enough…


Title: Psycho (Necessary Evils #2)
Author: Onley James
Genre: Fiction / Contemporary / Romance/ Erotica
First published: 2021
Edition: e-Book (Kindle Unlimited)

Lucas Blackwell was once the golden child of the FBI, using his secret talent as a clairvoyant to help put away society’s worst. Until, with a touch, he discovers his co-worker is a killer and his life falls apart. Now, the world thinks he’s crazy and that co-worker wants him dead. He seeks refuge at a small college, hoping to rebuild his life and his reputation. But then he runs into August Mulvaney. Literally. August is immediately intrigued with Lucas and his backstory. He doesn’t believe in psychics, but there’s no missing the terror in his eyes when they collide in the hallway. Now, August has a problem. Lucas knows his secret, and August knows he wants Lucas. And August always gets what he wants.


Book one of this series (Unhinged)was a bit of a guilty pleasure and since I had a week left on my Kindle Unlimited trial I figured I would give the second book a go. It turns out one book was enough for me.

It is not that this book is bad. If you really enjoyed book one and you want more of the same, well, this is more of the same. The author can write a sexy book for sure, but the plot felt way too similar to the first book for me and I found myself being a bit bored because of that. Bored! With a smutty book! That’s not good, is it? To be honest neither of the guys this story centred around were all that interesting to me.

This is not a genre that I read a ton of, but I enjoy it every now and then, even if most of them are really badly written or just completely miss the mark for me. With this one, it was not quite that. I think the concept of these are still interesting, even if they definitely are a bit dubious in nature with their serial killer love interests. Still, if you don’t take any of it seriously, they are kind of fun.

My friend (who recommended the first book to me) adores this series and I do get it, but for me, one was clearly enough.

4 out of 7 stars

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