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Weekend (Some) Reading Diary: 6-9 May 2022

Reading just one book, sharing some music and my Kindle woes

Friday, 6 May 2022

21.20 – I meant to start this earlier, but I just did not get around to it! I have read a bit today. I got stuck into The House with the Golden Door by Elodie Harper. This is the follow-up to The Wolf Den, which I read and loved last month. When I saw this one on NetGalley, I just needed to read it! It’s out next week. I am only about 19% in. Partly because my Kindle battery has suddenly decided to be on its last legs and only holds its charge for a day! I will order a new battery for it. My husband is technically gifted enough to replace it (which I am not!). I have had it five years or so. I could buy a new one, but if a new battery does the trick, why not do so. It’s still fine otherwise!

After two years of managing to avoid it, I have been sick with Covid this past week, so after a couple of slow reading weeks, this one was not much better – cause well, fever and stuff. However, I am feeling much better and I feel like could be back in the swing! Hence a weekend bloggy blog. Though it’s my daughter’s birthday on Sunday and I am not sure how much reading I will get done then. OOPS!

Saturday, 7 May 2022

09.40 – Great start to the morning. I broke a bit off my back molar… again! It just got fixed a month ago! Ah well, it’s not hurting, so it can wait. They don’t want to see me right now anyway with my Covid! I wasn’t even eating anything hard or crunchy!

Anyway, I got 25% into The House With The Golden Door yesterday before falling asleep. I will try and read a chunk today.

I did want to share a song I have been loving so much this past week. This guy is a Belgian musician and singer, with a mixed Belgian/ Egyptian/ Lebanese background. I love the way his music mixes elements from his heritage and the tone of his voice is just mesmerizing. On an interesting side note, Colin Greenwood of Radiohead plays bass on this song. I presume he will be playing bass on the whole new album (which I hope will be announced soon!). Anyway, not enough people know about this artist and they should because he writes incredible songs. The music, the lyrics, the stories he tells – I just think he’s an extraordinary young artist. Check the video out if you have a moment.

Back to books now! I will read a bit and hope my Kindle wants to hold its charge.

23.47 – Well, this day flew by! I did not read an awful lot, but I am about to go to bed and will read a bit more. I am at 37% at the moment. I had hoped to get to 50% at least, but nevermind. I am still enjoying it a lot. I am curious where the story will go in this book. I think it’s supposed to be a trilogy.

Unfortunately I still tested vaguely positive for Covid and we have had to cancel by daughter’s birthday. I feel so sorry for her. She had been looking forward to it. We will celebrating bit by bit over the next week or two, as no one can make it on the same day.

Well, we will it make the best that we can with just the three of us. I think my parents are popping around anyway to give her her presents and will just keep their distance. I will still be baking a cake in the morning, as whatever happens, it’s still her birthday and cake needs to be consumed!

Sunday, 8 May 2022

21.55 – As expected, today was about being a family. My daughter’s birthday was a success despite the lack of guests. It was just a nice day to spend together. We baked a cake with marshmallows on it. She had a few presents and the sun was out. In the early evening we watched a movie together.

People are visiting for her birthday later in the week when the danger of Covid infection has passed.

I got to almost 60% of The House With The Golden Door. It’s been a bitty day, as expected, but I managed to get some reading in! Tomorrow is going to be a nice sunny day and I don’t have anything on, so I will add another day of diary, as it’s a bit sparse!

As for the second book in the Wolf Den Trilogy, I am enjoying it quite a bit. I am feeling a bit anxious for Amara. Something bad is about to happen I’m sure! I love Amara. There’s something so human about her. It’s interesting to see a couple of her old friends/colleagues in new places and how they are coping. I am especially curious to see where side character Britannica is going. Her fighting skills must come in handy at some point! I am still waiting for some revelations about the love interests.

And of course, there’s the silent presence of Vesuvius. When is that coming into play? There was a mention of earlier earthquakes somewhere. Ominous!

Monday, 9 May 2022

09.28 – I will make this my final day of this rather bitty blog. I will try and get a chunk read this morning. It’s supposed to be 23C today, which is nice! Hopefully I will get a chance to just sit outside and read for a bit later. Our Airbnb guests are leaving today and new ones are not arriving until later in the week, so we have a bit of breathing space.

Thought I’d share another bit of music I am enjoying at the moment. Although Arcade Fire’s new album WE is yet to grow on me, I enjoyed their SNL performance!

13.20 – I managed to read a bit this morning. Time to do some chores and then hopefully I will be able to sit outside and enjoy the spring sunshine whilst reading.

17.15 – Well, for once things went according to plan and I finished the The House with the Golden Door! And I enjoyed is just as much as The Wolf Den! Even if it is a bit less eventful. It’s another 6* read for me. Actually, it was the perfect book for me to stretch out in the sun with and just enjoyed the reading experience today.

I will leave this blog here. I will write up my review in a bit. All I know that right now, I have the book fuzzies and that’s a great feeling!

Now, what to read next?

PS My Kindle is suddenly behaving itself!

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