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Book Thoughts: Night Owls (Jenn Bennett)

A YA contemporary I actually like! Yay!


Title: Night Owls
Author: Jenn Bennett
Genre: Fiction/ Young Adult / Contemporary / Romance
First published: 2015
Edition: Kindle e-book

Meeting Jack on the Owl—San Francisco’s night bus—turns Beatrix’s world upside down. Jack is charming, wildly attractive…and possibly one of San Francisco’s most notorious graffiti artists. But Jack is hiding a piece of himself. On midnight rides and city rooftops, Beatrix begins to see who this enigmatic boy really is.


First line(s):

The last train wasn’t coming.


I keep thinking I do not like YA books, but if more were like this, I would definitely be more inclined to pick them up. I still could not read too many of them, but this story had a lot going for it. It was cute and for once I found the characters and their actions completely believable.

This was an enjoyable read. I liked the characters and the writing. It is a bit short and I feel that there were places where the story could have lingered a little longer, especially when it comes to Jack’s family situation. The way that was handled I feel was a little bit too simple and rushed.

That was a small complaint in an otherwise very pleasant read. I thought on the whole this was a very nicely written novel with the highlight being the way Beatrix and Jack communicated. It’s a breath of fresh air to read about two young people who do not create extra drama for themselves my misunderstanding each other all the time.

I am not quite the target audience, but I would highly recommend this one for YA contemporary readers. I liked it! It turns out this author has written some historical romance as well (for adults). I’d like to check that out, as I really did enjoy her writing.

5 out of 7 stars


CAWPILE score: 7.9

  • Characters: 9
  • Atmosphere: 7
  • Writing Style: 8.5
  • Plot: 8
  • Intrigue: 7
  • Logic: 8
  • Enjoyment: 8

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