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Balancing my Books #24: January 2023

I am very happy with where my reading has taken me this January. I needed the distraction to be honest. It hasn’t been the best start to a year, but hopefully onwards and upwards!

Anyway, the book stuff.


Start 2023: 343
1 Jan: 343
Acquired: 10
Read: 11
Balance: 342


Start 2022: 175
1 Jan: 175
Acquired: 8
Read: 4
Balance: 178

So, I was supposed to buy only 5 books per month (new), but yes, I botched that rule by buying 10. To be fair one was a late arrival from 2022. Five are novels or non-fiction, with the others being poetry and one graphic novel set as well. A few of the purchases were for my goal of reading some South American classics this year. I did already read one of those and two of the poetry collections. One of them is on my February TBR. I am not too upset about it, especially since I still read more physical books than I bought, but hopefully I can resist temptation in February and bring those numbers down a chunk. I do tend to buy more books in January than any other month. However, I would be so proud of myself if I didn’t buy any in February!

As for my digital TBR, it went up a bit, but I spent a total of 3.96 on those 8 books. Four of those are NetGalley eARCS, all publishing dates nicely spread out over the coming months and four were 99p purchases. I will read at least two of those in February, possibly more. I am not sure how many I will buy/request in February. I haven’t put a limit on my digital buys, but I will still try and be a bit restrained. Last year I did not request many NetGalleys, but I just saw some good ones. I try not to request more than one per publishing month. I can do without the pressure.

Anyway, overall I am happy with my first month.


This was a really solid reading month. I found a couple books to add to my favourites list. I did also DNF two books and I ended up unhauling four books.

Let’s see what I read first. I have added my CALSPIE scores and my 5* equivalent:

  1. The Golden Mole (Katherine Rundell) 8.36 (4.25*) e-book NG
  2. Migrations (Charlotte McConaghy) 8.86 (4.5*) paperback
  3. Snow Like Ashes (Sara Raasch) 7.71 (3.75*) paperback
  4. A Little Devil in America (Hanif Abdurraqib) 10.00 (5*) audio/paperback
  5. The Marriage Portrait (Maggie O’Farrell) 9.79 (5*) hardback
  6. The Secret Garden (Frances Hodgson Burnett) 8.93 (4.5*) audio/ebook
  7. Armageddon’s Children (Terry Brooks) 8.79 (4.5*) paperback
  8. Sound Mind (T J Singh) 7.14 (3.5*) paperback
  9. The Visitor (Katherine Stansfield) 9.29 (4.75*) ebook
  10. The Penguin Lessons (Tom Michell) 8.79 (4.5*) audio/ebook
  11. Carmilla (J Sheridan Le Fanu) 7.93 (4*) audio/paperback
  12. Green Rider (Kristen Britain) 6.93 (3.5*) paperback
  13. A Ghost in the Throat (Doireann Ní Ghríofa) 7.57 (3.75*) audio/paperback
  14. Near to the Wild Heart (Clarice Lispector) 8.00 (4*) paperback
  15. Adrift in a Sea of M&Ms (Marcel Price) 8.50 (4.25*) paperback

The average length of book was about 300 pages. I read four books over 400 pages, which is pretty good for me, but I also read some shorter ones, as I read a few poetry books. The longest book was Green Rider at 560 pages and the shortest was Adrift in a Sea of M&Ms, which was only 82 pages.
I unhauled Snow Like Ashes, Green Rider and A Ghost in the Throat. I also DNFd and unhauled Luz by Elsa Osorio. Finally, I DNFd Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning after about 100 pages. I just couldn’t torture myself any longer.

I have carried two books over into February, both of which I hope to finish today.


I had two standouts. My favourite book of the month was A Little Devil in America by Hanif Abdurraqib. It was so, so good. I always love Hanif’s writing, so it wasn’t a surprise.

My honourable mention is The Marriage Portrait by Maggie O’Farrell. It’s historical fiction and I pretty much loved it from start to finish.


How was your January reading? Please link your wrap-up post if you did one!


4 thoughts on “Balancing my Books #24: January 2023

    1. Haha, yes, I know! It’s gotten a bit crazy, but it’s good for me to know how big it is, so I realise I really don’t need more books! I was shocked the first time I counted.

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