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Balancing my Books #25: February 2023

February has actually been a pretty good reading month. I did not quite get through my TBR, but I am happy! As for whether my books have balanced? Let’s find out…


Start 2023: 343
1 Feb: 342
Acquired: 5
Read: 8
Balance: 339


Start 2022: 175
1 Feb: 178
Acquired: 5
Read: 3 + 1 DNF
Balance: 179

So I bought five books. That’s fine. I read more books than I bought, so I am happy with that. I also acquired 5 e-books, one of which was a NetGalley eARC. The others were 99p or less each on Amazon and are very much books I want to read soon.

Of the five physical books I bought, two are on my TBR for March. Three of the books are a series. One of them is a poetry book I am currently reading. By the end of March I will have read three of the five, so I am happy.

As for the e-books, there’s a fantasy book, a romance, a Greek mythology retelling, a medieval mystery and a time travel novel. The latter is a NetGalley e-book that is not due for a while, so no pressure.

So, I have added 10 books to my TBR in total, but I read 12, so I can’t complain.


The books I read in February were a really mixed bag, in enjoyment as well as the type of book I read. I mostly read from February TBR, but I sprinkled in a couple of others. I did end up DNFing one book.

Let’s start with the books I actually completed:

  1. Shield Maiden (Sharon Emmerichs) 6.93 (3.5*) NG e-book
  2. Mudlarking (Lara Maiklem) 8.35 (4.25*) audio
  3. All the Horses of Iceland (Sarah Tolmie) 8.93 (4.5*) paperback
  4. The Tiger and the Wolf (Adrian Tchaikovsky) 6.71 (3.25*) e-book
  5. The Angel’s Game (Carlos Ruiz Zafon) 8.86 (4.5*) audio/paperback
  6. The Tea Dragon Society (Kay O’Neill) 8.48 (4.25*) hardback boxset
  7. The Fires (Sigríður Hagalín Björnsdóttir) 6.29 (3.25*) e-book
  8. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Hunter S Thompson) 7.36 (3.75*) audio/paperback
  9. The Hurting Kind (Ada Limón) 8.71 (4.25*) paperback
  10. My Family and Other Animals (Gerald Durrell) 8.86 (4.5*) audio/hardback
  11. The Mad Ship (Robin Hobb) 9.36 (4.75*) paperback
  12. Specters (Radwa Ashour) 7.71 (3.75*) paperback

I DNFd my Science Fiction read, which was Meru by S B Divya (e-book). I just did not get on with it and after about 50 pages I decided to just stop. I think it was mainly the writing. It was not compelling me in anyway.

Aside from that, it really was a mixed back this month. I read some historical fiction, some fantasy. a couple of poetry books and a couple of non-fiction books that were a blend of fiction and non-fiction. I read a modern classic and I finally continued in the Cemetery of Forgotten Book series. I ended up reading four books on audio. I also read the three graphic novels that comprise the Tea Dragon Society boxset. I only counted them as one. They made a nice change throughout the month.

Quality wise it was a decent month, which really had only one new favourite, but a lot of books I really liked. There were a couple that really weren’t for me and obviously one DNF, but overall, It was pretty good.


Easily my favourite book of February was The Mad Ship by Robin Hobb. I just love the Liveship Traders series and I am looking forward to finishing that trilogy in April.


I am carrying three books into March. The first is Zofloya, or The Moor by Charlotte Dacre. This was one I started early on audio, as it was already on my March TBR. I was ready for a new audio book and I figured I may as well start that one. It’s a great listen! Very gothic.

From my February TBR I am taking Coraline by Neil Gaiman into March. This really has no bearing on the rest of my reading as I am reading it with my daughter at bedtime. It’s a lovely experience reading it together.

Finally, I am taking A Fortune For Your Disaster by Hanif Abdurraqib into March. That one is a poetry book. It was not on my February TBR and I am taking my time with it.

Apart from that I have already set and posted my March TBR. I am hoping for another good reading month.


One thought on “Balancing my Books #25: February 2023

  1. That is a nice variety of books! And how lovely that you’re reading Coraline with your daughter. I don’t really count my readalongs with my best friend in my totals as we take ages to read each book! Well done on reading more than you acquired, as I did, too, in Feb.

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