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Spring 2023 TBR

My spring season include Q2, so the months of April, May and June. I set a seasonal TBR of 9 books.

This spring I had to include some NetGalley books, as I requested a few earlier this year and towards the end of last year. Anyway, let’s get to the 9 books I want/need to read over the next few months.

1 – Small World (Caleb Azumah Nelson)

This is one of the said eARCs from NetGalley. I never got around to Open Water, his debut novel, but when I saw this one up for request, I knew I wanted to read it. I am very excited about this one.

2 – Dragonfall (L R Lam)

A fantasy book about dragons. Give me more! An easy request from NetGalley and one I am excited to get to. It has a release date for early May so I will probably read it in the latter half of April.

3 – Where Ivy Dares To Grow (Marielle Thompson)

A time travel novel that I ended up requesting. This one is due at the end of June. It sounded like a good read and one I would enjoy.


Let’s continue with some books from my 2023 TBR that I would like to read in Spring.

4 – The Makioka Sisters (Jun’ichirō Tanizaki)

I read a short non-fiction essay collection by this author and absolutely loved it, so I put this one on my 2023 TBR. It’s quite a big book and will likely take some time to read. However, I am confident that the writing will be beautiful and I am looking forward to it. I am tentatively planning this one for May.

5 – When All Is Said (Anne Griffin)

This one is set in June, so I will try and read it in June. This book sounds a bit existential, so I better be in a good mood at the time!

6 – A Good Scot is Hard to Find (Angeline Fortin)

I read the first book in this series (A Scot to Remember) was a pleasant surprise. I expected one thing from the cover and it really was much more than that. This is a historical romance with time travel elements. I guess a bit like Outlander, but I wouldn’t know – I haven’t read Outlander! I think I will enjoy a bit of a lighter book that still has a bit of substance to it. It will make a nice change.


And finally, I want to add three fantasy series I want to continue.

7 – Ship of Destiny (Robin Hobb)

I am hoping to finish this trilogy in April. I’ve really enjoyed the first two books, so hopefully this one will be just as great!

8. Starsight (Brandon Sanderson)

I plan on continuing (and hopefully finishing) the Skyward series this spring.

9. Bearers of the Black Staff (Terry Brooks)

I am hoping to finish the current series I am reading by Terry Brooks this month and then I hope to continue with the next series in the chronological order of reading the Shannara books, which is the Legends of Shannara. This is actually one I have never read before, so I am looking forward to it.


I am so looking forward to reading those 9 books!

I will be posting my April and possibly May TBR some time in the next week.

What are you reading this spring?


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