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April 2023 TBR

I did roll for my April TBR earlier this month, but I now I would like to concentrate on reading the books I bought in the past couple of months. So, of course I am going to do a combination!

So, I will have a bunch of books that I rolled for that I would still like to read this month, some of which are NetGalley ARCs (which I am not sure why I am doing that to myself again – but they are ones I am actually really interested in!) and then I will add a number of new books.

So, the ones I rolled for that I will read are:

Apart from those I am definitely planning to read:

And hopefully a number of these, but I don’t want commit to any in particular:

I also have Book One of The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, but I forgot to add it to the stack, as my husband has been looking at it. That’s an option as well.

The other books that I rolled for earlier in the month will get read in May or June. They will just get moved up a bit. They still stand. I just need a bit of space to moodread, even if it’s from a fixed stack. It’s actually good I have left this stack out, cause it makes me notice them and it makes me want to pick them up!

By the way, Entangled Life is a non-fiction about fungi – perfect The Last of Us vibes 🤣.


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