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Currently Reading… Update #28

Still slow I am afraid. Still in ‘listening to music and writing mode’. So yeah, I did not really get through the books I wanted to this month, but hey, that’s fine. Just means I have a whole lot less to talk about on my blog! If you start seeing some book tags showing up, you know why! 🙂

Also, our holiday let is opening its doors next week and we have our first guests arriving next Friday, which is really exciting and a tiny bit scary. Lots to do for that! Hope I will be good at this hosting business. We went onto Air BnB on Sunday and already have some bookings for June/July, which I am pretty happy with. Anyway, if you need a reading retreat, you know where to come! 😉

I finished Break by Clare Littlemore yesterday, so it was time to start a new book. I never read any Ursula K Le Guin before, so I figured it was about time. I have started A Wizard of Earthsea. I am hoping I will like it! Have you read anything by this author? Any particularly awesome books I should look out for?

I have no idea what I will be reading next. No idea what I am in the mood for. Maybe some fluffy summer novel might be nice if the weather is as good next week as it is promising to be at the moment.

What are you reading?

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Currently Reading… Update #27

I am in a bit of a weird reading place at the moment. My six-year-old is off school for a couple of weeks (back to school on Monday), so I am devoting a lot of time to her. I am also writing a bit again, which is nice, but eats up precious reading time. I am reading regularly though, but just for short bursts.

I have a feeling my pace will pick up eventually!

I started reading Circe by Madeline Miller yesterday, which is honest the most beautiful book ever! I thought the dustcover was pretty, but when I took it off when I was starting to read it, it turned out it is even prettier without!

I am still getting into the story, especially the writing. It suits the subject, but is a bit of a transition coming from The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. It is a very different writing and story-telling style.

I do like changing up what I am reading. It keeps me on my toes, but I do find that sometimes I have a hard time adjusting to a new story, which is the case at the moment. Reading in short bursts, like I am doing at the moment, does not really help! I am starting to get into it now, but it took me longer than expected. However, now I feel like I will really enjoy this book. I am really curious to read what will happen to Circe.

I have not been listening to my audio book at all. I just have not been in the mood for it to be honest. When I am listening to How Not To Be A Boy I quite enjoy it, but it is not the kind of book/biography that I am dying to hear what happens next. It’s just ok for me. I am sure I will finish it, but it may take me a while! I do hope to finish it this month.

I am about 10% into the e-book of Kingdoms of Faith by Brian A Catlos. This book is about the history of Islamic Spain. I requested in from NetGalley, as I find history and religion terribly fascinating! I have not been reading much of it this past week as I have had little time and when I did I was more in the mood for fiction.

That’s about it for this update!


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Currently Reading… Update #26

The first week of March has been particularly slow in regards to getting books read.  I don’t mind though, as it was a busy time with lots of stuff to do and people to see. Things are settling down now and I want to be reading!

Marr, Johnny - Set The Boy Free

I am still listening to Johnny Marr’s autobiography Set The Boy Free. I am just over halfway now. I listen in chunks when I can, but I have been listening to music a lot as well, so it’s a toss up sometimes to hear someone talk about music or actually listen to the stuff. The latter has been winning out quite a bit, despite the fact I am enjoying the listen.


I am reading two books at the moment. One physical, one on my Kindle.

Cooper, Simon - The Otter's TaleI am about 30 physical pages into The Otters’ Tale by Simon Cooper, which I thought was a non-fiction book, but it’s not quite. After looking it up, this is the imagined life of an actual otter the author came to know. That’s fine, I like books written from an animal’s point of view. Unfortunately, whilst looking up the book at Goodreads, I read a massive spoiler in one of the reviews – not happy about that, though I do not think it will influence my enjoyment of reading the book. I just do not understand why people like to mention major plot points in their reviews. Hmmph!


Willson, David A - Looking For Dei

The final book I am reading is Looking For Dei by David A Willson, which I got as an e-Arc via NetGalley. I am about 30% in and it’s ok. It’s enjoyable enough and the pacing seems good. It is a good book to get out of a slow week with.


Hopefully, after just finishing one book in 9 days, my pace should pick up! I have a couple of buddy reads coming up, so I would like to have these books finished in the coming week if I can.


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Currently Reading… Update #25

It has been a slow reading week, but actually I am quite okay with that. I had a few busy days and some days I have been watching random telly (Olympics anyone?) rather than reading. That did help me relax a bit.

I feel like I have been reading Dreamer’s Pool by Juliet Marillier for most of the week. I have been really enjoying it, but I have just not been reading a lot at a time. I am not quite sure where it is going yet and I am about 280 pages in. I do think I know the twist, so we will see. This is the first Juliet Marillier novel I have read and I already know I will probably want to read more. I kind of like the style – it really feels like the old school sort of fantasy and I like that. I feel like I have been reading too many books with kick-ass protagonists and this one is just a little different. Blackthorn is her own woman too, but more the reluctant heroine type.

I have also started listening to the audio book of  Set The Boy Free, Johnny Marr’s autobiography. Johnny Marr was the guitarist in 80s band The Smiths and someone I admire for his musicianship and his quiet professionalism, especially when faced with the ego of one Morrissey. The book is narrated by Johnny himself and although I had to get used to his matter-a-fact style (both in writing and narrating) I am really enjoying this audio book. I like Marr’s voice; it’s strangely soothing and I find it quite relaxing listening to him relating his story.

I am up to chapter 13 and Johnny has just met Morrissey for the first time. So far, yes, Johnny Marr really is THAT cool! He is just one of those people that knew very young what he wanted to do and never doubted himself. I love people that are passionate about what they do and Johnny clearly is that. With that, he is also very levelheaded and sensible and I cannot help but feeling an affinity with him.

What are you reading this Sunday?

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Currently Reading… Update #24

I feel like I feel more tired than I should this Friday evening. Kids at my daughter’s school are all dropping like flies, so not unthinkable that I may be coming down with something. Well, I do not have time for that, sickness bugs! Leave me alone! I have a busy weekend ahead with turning the last of the trees that blew down in January into firewood. I also have a double birthday on Sunday.

Anyway, what am I reading? Or NOT reading as the case may be.

Polk, William R - Crusade and JihadI finally decided not to continue Crusade and Jihad for now. This non-fiction book by William R Polk is about relationship between the ‘global north’ and the Muslim world. Although I find it incredibly fascinating, my brain is just not taking it in, so there is no point in reading it at this point. I would love to read it another time, when I feel revived and energised, but for now I have put it down. This was a NetGalley copy, but if I choose to continue this book, it will be a physical copy. I do not think this is the right book for me to read on my Kindle. It’s too dense, too much like a textbook. I prefer a physical copy that I can just read a bit off every now and then. I have to say, what I did read was extremely interesting and much I did not know, so I have put it back on my TBR and fully intend to get a physical copy at some point.

I ended January by picking up Persuasion by Jane Austen after I finished The Shadow Rising  the day before. I thought it would make a nice change and I have been meaning to read more Jane Austen for ages. However, I found the transition from epic fantasy to Austen a little too jarring. So I felt maybe some new adult urban fantasy would do the trick. I do not tend to read a lot of urban fantasy, but I fancied it. So I loaded Mistress of the Vampire by Elena Darkmoon, which was an author request, onto my Kindle. I have to say that, although the book itself is not quite my cup of tea and I started out not liking it much, I am warming to it. I am about halfway in and I am on the fence about how I feel about it. The sex scenes make me cringe a bit, but then, most sex scenes do. It is seldomly done well in my opinion. I just think generally they are not that sexy… I prefer it when much is left to the imagination. But, I digress… 😉

I am still reading Persuasion as well, which I am now finding quite relaxing. I like to take my time with Jane Austen. I love the way she wrote and portrayed her characters and I know I will enjoy this book.

Have a great weekend everyone and let me know what you will be reading!

Lola xx

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Currently Reading… Update #23

There’s a storm raging outside and the weather people have called code red – weather alarm. Now, normally on a windy rainy day I would curl up on the sofa and read, but the house is filled with noise. During the last storm, a week or two ago, quite a few of our trees came down, so now I am just feeling wound up and anxious. I noticed roofs have already come off my neighbour’s barns and one of his trees have come down. I feel like the roof is about to come off our house, or a branch through the window. There are hurricane force gusts going on!

Anyway, I have decided to binge watch old episodes of Made In Chelsea, which is a guilty pleasure of mine and completely silly. I love it. Playing it quite loud through my headphones drowns out some of the booming noise from the storm.

So, currently I am NOT reading. I am too anxious! But when the storm is over, hopefully in an hour or two, three, I will be able to continue reading Happiness by Aminatta Forna. I am about a quarter in and so far it is a really good read. I am really enjoying both the main characters. I love it that both of them are middle aged people, who have already lived a life that has shaped them. I am finding both Atilla and Jean very interesting and it just feels like a different sort of story. It’s good.

I also started a book called Crusade and Jihad a few days ago. This is a book by Michael R Polk and deals with the history of the relationship between the muslim countries and ‘the north’ (North America, Europe, China, Russia, etc.). Since I love history and religion as a whole is fascinating to me, it seems like the perfect book for me. I am not much in the mood for it at the moment, so I am going but slowly. It’s interesting though!

Jordan, Robert - The Wheel of Time 4 The Shadow RisingI hope to be starting The Shadow Rising, the fourth book in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan today or tomorrow for a buddy read. It’s a strong book in the series, so I am looking forward to it!

This will be my third re-read of the month and for some reason I am really enjoying my re-reads at the moment.


What are you reading?


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Currently Reading… Update #22

I seem to be well and truly back into the swing of things and have left the reading slump behind. So far I have been pretty pleased with the books I have read since the New Year. I just finished Murder in Bloomsbury, which was a tremendous amount of fun. I seem to be liking whodunnits at the moment.

Auel, Jean M - Earth's Children 1 The Clan of the Cave BearBut, I am moving away from the mysteries for the moment. I started re-reading The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M Auel a few days ago. A buddy read on Goodreads prompted me to do so. I don’t need much of an excuse to be fair. It was one of my favourite books that I read in my late teens and it’s good to revisit it. I am only 60 pages in, but hopefully I will make some good progress over the weekend. There are buddy reads coming up for all of the books in the Earth’s Children series, but I am not sure I will read them all. I remember by book three I was getting a bit fed up with the main character. I have always loved the first two books though, so I am happy to re-read those.

Polk, William R - Crusade and JihadI have also just started reading Crusade and Jihad by William R Polk. I saw this on direct download on NetGalley and the synopsis sounded really interesting. It is a non-fiction book that looks at the history and present of the relationship between the Muslim world and not only the West, but also China and Russia; the global north as the author calls it. It sounds like a tremendously interesting read and since I have a keen interest in history and religion (even though I am not religious myself), I pressed that download button. I am about 5% in and I like the way it is written. It is not too academic. I feel like it is meant for everyone who wants to understand some of the world’s issues a bit better.

Over the weekend I want to concentrate on The Clan of the Cave Bear. I think I will take my time reading Crusade and Jihad to give myself time to really absorb the information it is imparting.

What are you reading?