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In The Picture: Afternoon Bliss…

My (not so) little girl has gone to a birthday party for the afternoon and after a long walk with some friends I am back at home about to sit down to read. Bliss!

1802 Insta photo

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In the Picture: The Burial At Thebes

Ok, I may seem like a complete book geek saying this, but when I picked up The Burial At Thebes by Seamus Heaney to read today, the texture of the cover of this little book made me really happy! How crazy is that? I can’t help but laugh at myself for that, but it really did!

The Burial At Thebes

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In The Picture: Chapter 18 – The Caemlyn Road

I love imagery. I love photos and the art of photography itself. I love reading. If I come across something I like in a book I sometimes to take a picture to remind me later. I am silly like that.  🙂 Just thought I would share!

Jordan, Robert - Wheel of Time #1 Eye of the World - Chapter 18 art

As I have said, I am currently reading Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World, the first book in the Wheel of Time series. Every chapter has a small piece of artwork, but this one caught my eye, as before they have all consisted of one small simple picture. This one looks sort of creepy, but I like it. It suits where the story goes in this chapter.