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Contemporary-a-thon TBR

I will try and do this readathon that takes place 10-16 February.

The challenges are as follows (and you’re allowed to use one book for as many challenges as you like):

  1. Read a book with green on the cover
  2. Read a book by an author that is new to you
  3. Read a diverse contemporary
  4. Read a backlist book
  5. Read a dark/hard hitting contemporary
  6. Read a book with an illustrated cover
  7. Read a book recommendation

For challenges 1 (green), 2 (new to me author) and 7 (recommendation) I have chosen to read My Sister, The Serial Killer by Onyikan Braithwaite. I have heard so many good things about this one – hence I chose it as a book recommended to me by others!

For challenges 3 (diverse) and 6 (illustrated cover – sort of, right?) I have chosen The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo, which I have been meaning to read for a while.

Finally for challenges 4 (backlist – as I have owned this book for over a year) and 5 (dark/hard hitting contemporary) I will read Home Fire (Kamila Shamsie).

I think those three books should be doable and they are three books that I think I will love!

Are you taking part? Which books are you reading?

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February 2020 TBR

This is my first TBR in a while and I will try and take it ‘easy’ on myself.

Jordan, Robert - The Wheel of Time 13 Towers of Midnight (with Brandon Sanderson)First of all, I have already started book thirteen in The Wheel of Time series, Towers of Midnight (Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson). This book is almost 1000 pages, so I will keep that in mind whilst setting the rest of my TBR!

The other day I posted my haul review of Februaries of the past (2018/2019) and the books I chose to put on my TBR for this February were:

Garland, Rosie - Vixen            Maurier, Daphne du - Frenchman's Creek

Next I have to look at my 2020 TBR. There are quite a few big books there, but since I already have a 1000 page on my TBR, I need to be nice to myself and choose wisely. I would like to read two books from my 2020 TBR, but I will put one on my physical TBR and hopefully listen to another on audio book.

MacDonald, Helen - H Is For Hawk            Shamsie, Kamila - Home Fire

Finally, I would like to read at least one e-book and I thought I would put one on my TBR that has been on my Kindle for a good while. For now I am going with The Dress Shop of Dreams by Menna van Praag, but if I fancy something else, I will allow myself to choose something else.


That is six books in total. I am hoping that will leave some space for mood reading! I may end up participating in The Contemporary-A-Thon (10-16 February), but that depends on what’s going on at that moment in time. If I do, I will try and read some recent purchases.


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Series To Read in 2020!

This is the series part of my 2020 TBR!

Series to complete:

The Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan) – all of these were finished by Brandon Sanderson

Yeah, my re-read of these will finally come to an end! Coincidentally, the Amazon series should start at the end of the year. I am both excited and appehensive!

  • 12: The Gathering Storm – currently reading
  • 13: Towers of Midnight
  • 14: Memory of Light

The Nevernight Chronicle (Jay Kristoff)

  • 3. Darkdawn

Flow series (Clare Littlemore)

  • 3. Drift
  • 4. Quell

Blackthorn & Grim (Juliet Marillier) 

  • 2. Tower of Thorns
  • 3. Den of Wolves

Riders duology (Veronica Rossi)

I did not much like the first book, but I do own the second book and it’s only a duology, so I may as well complete it… (I still adore the cover!)

  • 2. Seeker


I may continue my re-read of the Harry Potter series as well, which would mean I would start with The Order of the Phoenix, but I am not actually putting it on my TBR. I will read it when I feel like it! 🙂


Series I want to start and complete

Hyddenworld series (William Horwood)

William Horwood is one of my favourite authors, but I haven’t read any of his books since I started my blog. I read the first book a few years ago, but for some reason I never continued eventhough I liked it. Time to actually read this one! I am excited!

  • 1. Spring
  • 2. Awakening
  • 3. Harvest
  • 4. Winter

Mistborn trilogy (Brandon Sanderson)

I hope to start this one after I finished The Wheel of Time series.

  • 1. The Final Empire
  • 2. The Well of Ascension
  • 3. The Hero of Ages


Those are 16 books to add to my TBR for 2020. It sounds doable, but we will see 🙂





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20 for 2020 – Yearly TBR

Let’s look back at my 19 for 2019 TBR and build a TBR for the year ahead.

2019 TBR Review

So, of the 19 books on my 2019 TBR I read 12 and I am reading another one at the moment, which I should finish this year. It is not too bad, but I wish I had done better. I definitely did not prioritize these enough, so when the slump hit in October I was never going to get these all read. Lesson learned for next year!

Of the 12 books I read 2 were 7-star books (The Hate U Give & A Man Called Ove). 4 were 6-star books and 5 were 5-star books, with none rated lower than 4 stars. That is a pretty good standard and I hope that will continue in 2020.

The ones I did not read I will put on my 2020 TBR, as they are all books I really want to read. For my 2020 I will stick to physical books I already own and I will include five non-fiction books. I was going to do a separate non-fiction TBR, but as my last few months were low on the reading front I did not want to put too much pressure on myself.

20 for 2020:


I will post a series TBR as well in the near future.



October 2019 TBR

This month I have decided to split my TBR into several sections. I have a few set projects going on!

October Haul 2017/2018

Yesterday I posted my Haul Review and these are the books that I chose to read from my hauls from October 2017 and 2018.

2019 TBR book:

I really need to get on with my 19 for 2019 with only three months left in the year to read them. I want to read at least two, preferrably more.

  • Home Fire (Kamila Shamsie) Leftover from my September TBR
  • A Monster Calls (Patrick Ness) I mean… Why have I not read this yet??

Lingering book:

I will try and read this one this month. I have done well so far with my Lingering Books and I would like to continue making progress.

Victober read: 

Halloween reads:


Considering what my reading is like at the moment, it is unlikely I will get to all nine of these books, but I am not going to stress out about it 🙂 The one I am most likely  to push aside would be The Woman in White. I am not sure I will be in the mood for it. I will put it on my TBR anyway, because you just never know and I would actually love to finally read it!

If I (assuming miracles do exist) have time to spare, I will try and knock off some more from my 2019 TBR.



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September 2019 TBR

I am setting a large part of my September TBR with the Contemporary-A-Thon in mind. I think summer is the perfect time to read contemporary books. Although the actual readathon takes place 23-28 September, I will simply use the challenges and read them throughout September instead.

Contemporary-A-Thon challenges:

1. Read a 2019 release. 

  • Sleep (C L Taylor) – this is a murder mystery as far as I can tell.

2. Colour challenge: yellow

  • Tin Man (Sarah Winman) – finally a good excuse to pick up this short book

3. Diverse contemporary

  • Home Fire (Kamila Shamsie)  I have been meaning to pick this one up for ages.


4. Book with an illustrated cover

  • Crazy Rich Asians (Kevin Kwan) – basically to find out what the fuss is about and I fancy a light read.

5. Dark / hard-hitting contemporary

  • A Long Way Down (Nick Hornby) – this is also of one my Lingering Books. Not sure how hard-hitting it is, but is about a bunch of people who meet on a roof of a building, all there to commit suicide. That sounds like a pretty hard-hitting subject to me!

6. Book with plants on the cover

  • Never Greener (Ruth Jones) – I hope Ruth Jones as a novel writer is just as good as Ruth Jones as a screenwriter.

7. Contemporary that is beloved by a member of the book community (and shout out the creator!)

  • Ramona Blue (Julie Murphy) – I seem to remember that at some point I saw Peter Monn (Youtube) talking about this book and it made me want to read it. It’s a good enough excuse.



8. Knife of Dreams (Robert Jordan) – continuation of my re-read of The Wheel of Time series – this is book 11! It’s a big book…

9. Drift (Clare Littlemore) – I am looking forward to continuing this wonderful dystopian series.

Littlemore, Clare - Flow 3 Drift    Jordan, Robert - The Wheel of Time 11 Knife of Dreams

That’s it. Nine books is plenty to be getting on with. Considering Knife of Dreams is a pretty big book, chances are I won’t get to all nine of them, but I will do my very best!

There is also quite a big chance I won’t have finished my current reads, so they will come on top of this. Good luck to me 🙂

L. xx




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August 2019 TBR

With five months of the year left I took a look at my 2019 TBR and though I am making some progress, I need to be making more! So let’s start changing that this August!

I am picking three books to read from that list that feel like they could be summery reads (two of which are part of my August 2018 book haul, so that’s a nice bonus):

  • This Adventure Ends (Emma Mills) 
    • August 2018 purchase – some YA on a TBR is hopefully a good thing
  • The Summer of Impossible Things (Rowan Coleman)
    • I don’t know much about this one – it was a cover buy.
  • Eucalyptus (Murray Bail)
    • August 2018 purchase – Australian fiction that just sounds a bit different!


Also on my TBR:

  • Knife of Dreams (Robert Jordan)
    • series continuation: book 11 of The Wheel of Time
  • Godsgrave (Jay Kristoff)
    • series continuation – it’s been way too long since I read Nevernight and it’s about time!
  • Lie (Natalia Jaster) 
    • series continuation – book 3 of new adult series Foolish Kingdoms of which I loved the first book Trick and really did not much like the second book Dare.
  • A Polar Affair (Lloyd Spencer Davis)
    • NetGalley eARC


Anderson, M T - FeedAnd finally:

  • Feed (M T Anderson)
    • for my Lingering Books Project. Unless I feel like reading one of the other books, I think this one fits best for now. Since there are quite a few big books on my TBR for August I felt I should go with one of the shortest at just over 300 pages.

It looks set to be a pretty awesome reading month!