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Currently reading:
When Dimple Met Rishi (Sandhya Menon) started 14 July

Last books I read (2018)
Buzz (Thor Hanson) 7-14 July
Bloodfire Quest (Terry Brooks) 8-12 July
Lord of Chaos (Robert Jordan) 19 June-8 July
The King’s Witch (Tracy Borman) – 2-6 July
The Fox of Richmond Park (Kate Dreyer) –  28-30 June
Windsworn (Derek Alan Siddoway) 26-28 June
Before We Met (Lucie Whitehouse) 23-26 June
What Kitty Did Next (Carrie Kablean) 21-25 June
How Not To Be A Boy (Robert Webb) 28 March-23 June (audio)
Farseer Trilogy #2: Royal Assassin (Robin Hobb) 8-21 June
The Prince of Mirrors (Alan Robert Clark) 5-7 June
The Hawkman (Jane Rosenberg LaForge)  1-5 June
A Wizard of Earthsea (Ursula K Le Guin) 23-31 May
Break (Clare Littlemore) 16-23 May
Lift (L M Ransom) 14-16 May
Little Beast (Julie Demers) 14 May
Circe (Madeline Miller) 9-14 May
The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle (Stuart Turton) – 3-8 May
Every Heart a Doorway (Seanan McGuire) – 1-2 May
The Dark Legacy of Shannara #1: Wards of Faerie (Terry Brooks) – 26-30 April
A Clockwork Orange (Anthony Burgess) – 23-28 April
The Things We Do (Kay Pfaltz) – 22-26 April
Red Rising #2: Golden Son (Pierce Brown) – 16-22 April
How Do You Like Me Now? (Holly Bourne) –  15-19 April
The Fires of Heaven (Robert Jordan) – 27 March – 15 April
A Different Kind of Lovely (Petra March) – 9-11 April
Times New Roman (Martha Miller) – 5-6 April
To The Promised Land (Michael K Honey) – 25-30 March
Thérèse Raquin (Émile Zola) 19-28 March (audio)
Portrait of a Murderer (Anne Meredith) 23-25 March
The Otter’s Tale (Simon Cooper) 28 Feb-23 March
Red Rising (Pierce Brown) 14-19 March
Set The Boy Free (Johnny Marr) 22 Feb-14 March (audio)
Looking For Dei (David A Willson) 8-12 March
Memento Park (Mark Sarvas) 28 Feb – 7 March
The Ruby in the Smoke (Philip Pullman) 27-28 February
Dreamer’s Pool (Juliet Marillier) 19-26 February
The Last Unicorn (Peter S Beagle) 15-19 February
Flow (Clare Littlemore) 15-17 February
Delivering Virtue (Brian Kindall)  9-15 February
The Brontë Sisters (Catherine Rayner) 10-14 February
Nevernight (Jay Kristoff)  5 – 10 February
Persuasion (Jane Austen) 31 Jan – 6 Feb
The Mistress of the Vampire (Elena Darkmoon) 1 – 3 February
The Wheel of Time #4: The Shadow Rising (Robert Jordan) 19-31 January
The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop (Clare Balding) 26-27 January
Happiness (Aminatta Forna) 16-20 January
The Clan of the Cave Bear (Jean M Auel) 9-16 January
Murder in Bloomsbury (D M Quincy) 10-12 January
The Rufus Spy (Alys Clare) 8-9 January 2018
Outsider (John Francome)  6-7 January 2018
The Invisible Library (Genevieve) 2-5 January 2018
Farseer Trilogy #1: Assassin’s Apprentice (Robin Hobb) 15 Dec 2017 – 2 Jan 2018

Books read in 2017