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February 2018/19 Haul Review

A double haul review today! Which two books will I end up reading this month?


Number of Books Hauled: 12 

New: 3 (all sent by author)
Used: 9

Unhauled: 1

Books read: 4

I read all three of the books sent to me by authors and I enjoyed all of them.

Books Unread: 8

  • Vixen (Rosie Garland)
  • The Lady Chapel (Candace Robb)
  • A Gift of Sanctuary (Candace Robb)
  • A Nun’s Tale (Candace Robb)
  • Wintersong (S Jae-Jones)
  • Max Havelaar (Multatulli)
  • Het Beloofde Land (Adriaan van Dis) – The Promised Land
  • The Mystery Book (collection – not quite an anthology)

Garland, Rosie - VixenBOOK PICK FOR FEBRUARY 2020:

The Candace Robb books are part of the Owen Archer series, which I would like to start reading again this year, but these are not the first books in the series. It will be a while before I get to them. I am not in the mood for Wintersong or either of the Dutch books. I don’t really see The Mystery Book as a book I will ever just pick up and read. So that leaves, Vixen by Rosie Garland, which I have been wanting to read ever since I got it, but somehow never did! The cover is stunning! I believe it’s historical fiction. I am curious about this one.

So, Vixen is the first book on my February TBR.



Number of Books Hauled: 4 (That’s more like it!)

New: 0
Used: 4

All bought during a single trip to the charity shop.

Books unread: 4

  • Shattered (Dick Francis)
  • In The Frame (Dick Francis)
  • Maurier, Daphne du - Frenchman's CreekFrenchman’s Creek (Daphne Du Maurier)
  • The Secret History (Donna Tartt)


I may pick up a Dick Francis later in the month, but they are not really books you put on a TBR, but more for reading on a whim. So it’s between the other two. I already have a couple of bigger books on my TBR and it’s about time I read some Daphne Du Maurier, so I will go for Frenchman’s Creek! It is one I really have not heard much about, but I am excited.


So, those are the first two books on my February TBR. I hope to post a complete TBR tomorrow. It’s not going to be huge, but it should be a good one!

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Book Haul Review: January 2019

I was not going to do January 2019, but I raced through my last book, so I ended up having time for a random book – yay! That has not happened for a while!

So, let’s take a look at the books I acquired in January 2019. There were quite a few! In my defence, there were months in 2019 I did not buy any!

Number of Books Hauled: 26 (!!!)

New: 14
Used: 12

Books read: 5

Yeah, not great, is it? Loved all of these though, even the children’s book that I read with my daughter.

Books Unread:

There are many – for some reason I decided to buy a lot of Agatha Christies! I thought I was going to go on a mystery binge, which kind of did not happen… Oh, well!

  • Lab Girl (Hope Jahren) on 2020 TBR
  • Rain (Melissa Harrison)
  • Thinking on my Feet (Kate Humble)
  • Picnic at Hanging Rock (Joan Lindsay)
  • Den of Wolves (Juliet Marillier) on 2020 TBR
  • Tower of Thorns (Juliet Marillier) on 2020 TBR
  • Mr Darley’s Arabian (Christopher McGrath)
  • In The Days of Rain (Rebecca Stott)
  • This is Going to Hurt (Adam Kay)
  • Johannesburg (Fiona Melrose)
  • Murder is Easy (Agatha Christie)
  • Cat Among The Pigeons (Agatha Christie)
  • Sparkling Cyanide (Agatha Christie)
  • Dumb Witness (Agatha Christie)
  • A Caribbean Mystery (Agatha Christie)
  • N or M? (Agatha Christie)
  • By The Pricking of my Thumbs (Agatha Christie)
  • Appointment with Death (Agatha Christie)
  • Decider (Dick Francis)
  • Wild Horses (Dick Francis)
  • The Golden Fool (Robin Hobb)

Lindsay, Joan - Picnic at Hanging RockBOOK PICK FOR JANUARY 2020:

First I thought ought to go for an Agatha Christie, but I don’t feel in the mood. Then I wanted to choose one of the non-fiction titles, but I have just finished reading a non-fiction and have another one to start, so not a good idea either.

I figured reading about summer in winter (but set at this time of year as it is the Southern Hemisphere), would be good fun, so I have decided to read Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay, which I have been wanting to read for ages!

If I have time (unlikely, but you never know), I may read one of those Agatha Christies as well!

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Book Haul Review: January 2018

Let’s do another haul review! I will try and read one of these books if my reading continues the way it is right now (which would mean I am well and truly out of my slump!). I am only doing January 2018, as I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself!

Let’s start by looking at the books I bought in January 2018.

Number of Books Hauled: 13

New: 4
Used: 9

Books read: 6

I am ok with this, especially since a few more are on my 2020 TBR and should get read this year.

I read four of those in 2018 and 2 in 2019. In fact, Centaur was my non-fiction book of the year in 2019!

Books Unread:

  • Life After Life (Kate Atkinson)
  • The Count of Monte Cristo (Alexandre Dumas)
  • The Book of Lost Things (John Connolly)
  • Botswana Time (Will Randall)
  • Holland Mania (Anette Stott)
  • Tom Jones (Henry Fielding)
  • Moby Dick (Herman Melville)
  • Collected Ghost Stories (M R James)

TBR - Randall, Will - Botswana TimeBook Pick for January 2020:

Botswana Time (Will Randall)

I really am not in the mood for a classic. Though Life After Life and The Book of Lost Things are both on my 2020 TBR, I have already read two books of that TBR  this month and I know I will get those read this year. However, I have not picked up any non-fiction yet this month, so I have decided to go with Botswana Time.

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Book Haul Review: October 2017 & 2018

So, a double whammy this time. Let’s have a look at which books I purchased one year ago and two years ago and add a book from each to my October 2019 TBR!

Let’s start by looking at 2017:


Number of Books Hauled: 12

New: 7
Used: 5

Books read: 4

So that’s about a third, after two years…. Ermm…. Could be worse?


Books unread: 8

  • Het Tuinhuis (Hella S Haasse)
  • The Middle East (Bernard Lewis)
  • Rode Sneeuw in December (Simone vd Vlught)
  • The Handmaid’s Tale (Margaret Atwood)
  • A Language of Thorns (Leigh Bardugo)
  • Forest of Thousand Lanterns (Julie C Dao)
  • Maigret Travels South (Simenon)
  • The Racehorse That Disappeared (Clare Balding)

⇒ Book pick for October 2019: The Handmaid’s Tale

Yep, hopefully it’s finally happening!


Number of Books Hauled: 18

New: 8
Used: 10

Books read: 5

So, somewhere between a third and a quarter. Not that pleased with that number, but not too unhappy either. Curiously, I read two of those just this September. The Curious Incident I read ages ago and is due a re-read, but though I did not read it whilst I have had this blog, I have read it! I just finally got myself a copy.


Books Unread: 13

  • Moonlit (Jadie Jones)
  • The Corset (Laura Purcell)
  • Nevermoor (Jessica Townsend)
  • Mythos (Stephen Fry)
  • The Summer Queen (Elizabeth Chadwick)
  • Girl With A Pearl Earring (Tracy Chevalier)
  • A Little Learning (Evelyn Waugh)
  • Jane and Prudence (Barbara Pym)
  • The Sweet Dove Died (Barbara Pym)
  • Excellent Women (Barbara Pym)
  • Lord Savile’s Crime and Other Stories (Oscar Wilde)
  • Don’t Look Now (Daphne Du Maurier)
  • Wildwood (Roger Deakin)

⇒ Book pick for October 2019: The Corset 

This one sounds a bit gothic and should be perfect for October!


So, The Handmaid’s Tale and The Corset will be start off my October TBR, which I will be putting together and posting tomorrow if nothing comes up.

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A Weekend Used Book Haul

I managed to pop into a couple of charity shops on Friday and Saturday and I ended up with a small book haul that I might as well tell you about!

I will start off with the most exciting find, a 1st edition of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. I love that book! I first read it when I borrowed it from a friend. I have since seen the stage adaptation in London, which is absolutely wonderful. Earlier this year I picked up a mass market paperback copy from a charity shop, fully intending to re-read it. But on Friday, my hands found this love hardback edition for a measly €1.25, so well, what’s a girl to do? Duh, buy it of course!

I also picked up a couple of classics, a Wordworth Classics edition of Sons and Lovers by D H Lawerence and The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Writings by Edgar Allan Poe, who I have been keen to try for a while.


On Saturday, after doing my usual grocery shop, I decided to pop by my usual charity shop as I needed a new pair of wellies (which I found!). Sometimes they have really good stuff there and sometimes it’s a bit meh… This time, I ended up with an eclectic bunch of books…


I think this bunch of books ended up costing me somewhere in the region of €1.75. I already have another book by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala on my shelves, in the same edition, and like that one A Backward Place is set in India and these just sound like books I would like. I just need to read them! Fire on the Mountain by Anita Desai is also set in India. Elizabeth Is Missing by Emma Healey sounded like a book I would enjoy as well. I never read anything by Marian Keyes, but I liked the colour of the cover of Last Chance Saloon and figured I would give it a go. The final, absolutely random, book is Daughter of Prophecy by Anne Kelleher Bush, which as far as I can tell is a fantasy/sci-fi type of book. I love those random fantasy mass market paperbacks!

As if my shelves are not full enough already… I will try and read one of these this month or definitely in September! Which one should I read first?


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June 2019 Book Haul

Oh yeah, I did buy some books in June. I did not go too crazy, but my shelves did gain some inmates.

I bought a bunch of new books and just a quartet of used ones.

So, let’s do new first…



  • A Man Called Ove (Fredrik Backman) – I read the e-book and loved it so much I needed the physical copy in my life!
  • Albert Einstein (Ned Hartley & Tom Humberstone) – A Graphic History! How cool is that!
  • A Game of Thrones (George R R Martin) – A beautiful illustrated edition to replace my tatty mass paperback. I have read it before.
  • Birthday (Meredith Russo) – Read this not long after it arrived, loved it!


  • Autoboyography (Christina Lauren) – This cover has been calling my name for ages. It was on cheap and I could not resist. Now if only the content lives up to that cover!
  • Down Among the Sticks and Bones (Seanan McGuire) – Now I liked Every Heart a Doorway, but did not love it like everyone else seemed to. Yet, I am curious enough to continue the series now.
  • Seeker (Veronica Rossi) – Totally a cover buy – who doesn’t like a smokey horse! I have the first book on my shelves. I should read that soon!
  • The Screaming Staircase (Jonathan Stroud) – I have heard such good things – I need to read it!


used books

  • The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
  • Four Letter Word (anthology) – All about love 🙂
  • Singletini (Amanda Trimble) – Already read it – it’s not great…
  • The Balance Thing (Margaret Dumas) – Because it is always handy to have some chick lit ready to go…

I was particularly happy with the Shakespeare collection. I have been meaning to get myself one for ages. Now I have one! Those four books cost me €2,75 in total.


So that’s 12 books in total. 4 of which I have already read and one  (the Shakespeare) that is not meant for my TBR. So, that’s ‘only’ 7 books added to my TBR pile…


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May Charity Shop Book Haul

I was dropping my daughter off at a friend’s house a few towns over and thought I would check out their charity shop – oops! While they did not have much of contemporary selection of English language book, they had quite a few classics and modern classics.

So I ended up buying a bunch of books for €5 total.


So these are the 13 books I bought:

1. Ulysses (James Joyce) – one of those books that I am not sure I will ever read, as it intimidates me so much, but I could not resist picking it up!

2. In A Fog (A Humorists’ Guide to Engeland) – I bought this one on a whim. As far as I can tell it is an anthology of overseas’ writers such as Henry James and Mark Twain talking about England. It sounds interesting anyway.


3. The Wasp Factory (Iain Banks) – I have to admit that this was a cover buy. I kind of liked the look of it and the synopsis sounded interesting.

4. East,West (Salman Rushdie) – a collection of short stories by a writer I have never read anything from, but that I would like to check out.

5. Knots & Crosses (Ian Rankin) – the first book in a very famous Bristish detective series that I have been wanting to try out. I was very happy to find this!

6. The Crowfield Curse (Pat Walsh) – not sure whether this is YA or middle grade, but I loved the cover and it is both set in the 1300s and magical, so I was sold.

7. Next (Michael Crichton) – Because, why not?!


8. Birdsong (Sebastian Faulks) – I love these red spine Vintage Classics and I have heard good things about this book. It is about war though, which might make me reluctant to actually read it.

9.The Rachel Papers (Martin Amis) – One of those writers that I have meaning to read something by! And another red spine Vintage edition, so yay!

10. A Small Town in Germany (John La Carre) – Again a writer I have been meaning to check out!

11.Travels with my Aunt (Graham Greene) – They had lots of Graham Greene, but I chose to pick up this one. I do have Brighton Rock on my shelf as well.

12. The Change (Germaine Greer) – non-fiction about aging as a woman. Germaine Greer is someone I can admire and that can annoy me, depending on my mood (and hers). Since I am a woman newly in my forties, I thought this would be the right time to dig into this one.

13. Cakes and Ale (M Somerset-Maugham) – Another writer I would like to read something by, but haven’t yet.


Overall, I am really happy with this haul.

Book I am most likely to read: Knots & Crosses or The Crowfield Curse

Book I am least likely to read: Ulysses

Have you read any of these books?