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Book Thoughts: The Equal Night Trilogy #1 – Ocean’s Fire

Tucker, Stacey - The Equal Night Trilogy 1 Ocean's Fire

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (DNF)

Title: The Equal Night Trilogy #1: Ocean’s Fire
Author: Stacey Tucker
Genre: Fiction/Paranormal/Fantasy ???
First published: 10 October 2017 by SparkPress
Edition: ARC e-book courtesy of publisher via NetGalley

If there is one thing I hate, it is not finishing books, but I just could not spend another second reading this book.

I requested to read this book, because the premise sounded interesting. I don’t often include the synopsis, but I will do for this one:

‘Once the Greeks forced their male gods upon the world, the belief in the power of women was severed. For centuries it has been thought that the wisdom of the high priestesses perished at the hand of the patriarchs’ but now the ancient Book of Sophia has surfaced. Its pages contain the truths hidden by history, and the sacred knowledge for the coming age. And it is looking for Skylar Southmartin. Busy picking up the pieces after her mother’s untimely death and trying to finish her veterinary degree, Skylar has no idea that she is the link between four mystical women in her life, and the perfect storm the Great Mothers have been waiting for. Meanwhile, she’s just reconnected with the first and only love of her life, Argan, but Joshua, a dangerous, irresistible stranger, threatens to ruin everything she’s trying to build. Amidst unraveling family secrets that shatter her views of the world and call into question everything she’s ever known, Skylar must fight off Joshua’s maddening pull and get a handle on her own budding powers before it’s too late.’

Sigh… I just…. I hated this book. It is mostly written as contemporary fiction with some mystical elements. Skylar, the main character, seemed very one dimensional and flat. Things happen to her, but she does not actually seem to be experiencing them.

I read around the first 25% properly, then started skimming, which is a bad sign. I gave up after about 55%. There are too many good books to read to stick with a book that I was hating more and more with every sentence.

Not for me.

Did not finish