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Book Thoughts: The Gifts of Reading (Robert Macfarlane)

1902 Macfarlane


Title: The Gifts of Reading
Author: Robert Macfarlane
Genre: Non-Fiction/Essay/Pamphlet   Pages: 34
First published: 2016
Edition: Paperback, published by Penguin Books in 2016

In this luminous essay, Robert Macfarlane reflects on the unique emotional response resonance of books given and received – and how such gifts have shaped his own life.

This little pamphlet was a joy to read. It did not take me long and within its 34 pages it managed to inspire me.

I love Macfarlane’s way of celebrating life and nature and it shines through in these pages, where he celebrates gifting books and receiving books as gifts and how it can change and touch us. I will try and find at least some of the books he mentions, as I trust his opinion.

I must also read some of the author’s other books and I encourage you to do the same.

A lovely little piece of uncomplicated, but touching, writing. A small treasure.

6 out of 7 stars