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Book Thoughts: Dream (Natalia Jaster )

Jaster, Natalia - Foolish Kingdoms 4 Dream


Title: Dream (Foolish Kingdoms #4)
Author: Natalia Jaster
Genre: Fiction/YA/New Adult/Fantasy/Romance/LGBTQ+   Pages: 364
First published: 2019
Edition: Paperback, self-published

In the Kingdom of Winter, he’s a swaggering potioneer who hunts for wisdom—a brew that will shake the world.
It’s the only secret he craves.
Except for the one boy he can’t have.

I finally finished this series and as a whole it has been a disappointing experience. I loved the first book, but none of the other tree were that great.

In regard to this one, I enjoyed it enough, but I had quite a lot of issues with it. Lyrik as a character, most of the time, but I just did not like the way Nicu was written. The way he was portrayed did not marry well with what he was doing, especially regarding his storyline with Lyrik. This was a gay romance that could have been so good, but instead it just fell a little flat.

The writing was a bit iffy as well. I kind of felt like I was reading a first draft and with a bit of editing or changing the wording this would have been a much better read. The sentences did not really flow and the phrasing sometimes felt off.

It was nice to see all the characters from the previous books, but it did feel a little forced.

I enjoyed it enough to keep this series on my shelves for now, but I am a bit disappointed.

4 out of 7 stars

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Book Thoughts: Lie (Natalia Jaster)

Jaster, Natalia - Foolish Kingdoms 3 Lie


Title: Lie (Foolish Kingdoms #3)
Author: Natalia Jaster
Genre: Fiction/YA/New Adult/Fantasy/Romance   Pages: 363
First published: 2018
Edition: Paperback, self-published

In a fairytale woodland, a pair of mismatched souls are thrown together—only to find an unexpected bond. Both deceitful and passionate.

After the disappointment that was Dare, the second book in the Foolish Kingdoms series, I was prepared for more of the same. Luckily, this was book was a bit better than that one, but still nowhere near as enthralling as the first book Trick.

This book is both a bit too long and yet not detailed enough to warrant its length. Neither the dialogue or the actions of the characters always makes sense. The writing sometimes appears confused and nonsensical. Yet, I did enjoy this tale, loosely based on Pinocchio. I did feel invested in our main characters Aspen and Aire and I was glad to see Nicu feature so heavily in this book.

The one character that still jumped from the page whenever he made an appearance, was Poet from the first book. His character just sparkles and makes all the other characters seem dull in comparison. It does show that this author can write a great character that will burrow into the reader’s mind and that is a very clever thing to do. Unfortunately, she does not quite manage the same with other characters, with Nicu the possible exception.

This book is self-published and maybe it suffers from not having a good editor scrutinize it. It could have been so much better. There are glimpses of beautiful writing, but too often the writing or word choices seem a little clumsy.

Overall, I enjoyed the story and the plot well enough and it is certainly a better book than Dare, but the writing overall lets it down for me. I am definitely still interested in this author. There is something there for sure. I secretly have high hopes for the next book Dream, which centres around Nicu.

4 out of 7 stars

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Book Thoughts: Trick (Natalia Jaster)

Jaster, Natalia - Foolish Kingdoms 1 Trick


Title: Trick (Foolish Kingdoms #1)
Author: Natalia Jaster
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy/Romance/New Adult   Pages: 300
First published: 2015
Edition: Paperback, self-published in 2018

It’s only the most cunning, most manipulative soul who can play the fool. Poet guards a secret. one the Crown would shackle him for. One that he’ll risk everything to protect.
Alas, it will take more than clever words to deceive Princess Briar.

Fantasy Romance is not a genre I read that much of. As with paranormal romance I very rarely love these books. But, I also like being surprised and this one had been on my radar for a while. A princess and a jester? Yes, please! For some reason, I felt in the mood for it, so I picked it up on a whim. I am glad I did.

Despite the fact that the writing started out a little shaky, I pretty soon knew I was going to enjoy this one. As the book progressed I liked where the author took the story. Yes, it is pretty light on the fantasy, but neither is it not too heavy handed on the romance side. The characters have backstories that are interesting enough and I felt the dynamic between them was really good.

The few love scenes were well enough written that they did not make me cringe, as they too often do. The romance was not just about sex and I much prefer it that way. I don’t think I did an eyeroll once, which is a bonus.

Although a bit limited in this book, I liked the world Natalia Jaster has created and I hope to find out more about it in the rest of the series, which I hope to pick up soon. There are definitely some issues with the world building, but it was a decent enough start.

I feel my rating is a little bit on the high side, as there were areas where the writing let me down a little bit, but overall I did really enjoy it and therefore I feel this rating is fair.

6 out of 7 stars