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Winter 2023 TBR

I am excited for 2023. New year, new chances. I love it! I haven’t quite finished deciding what to read for my January TBR, but I am ready to divulge my Winter TBR, which are 9 books I plan to read during the first quarter of 2023. Last year I put 12 books on my seasonal TBRs, but I think for 2023 I will do 9 to give myself a bit more space to wriggle!

  • All The Horses of Iceland (Sarah Tolmie) – I bought way too many books in 2022 and I feel like I should really try and get some of those read. This was an easy pick as it just sounded like a good winter read. I can’t remember how I came across this one, but it sounded kind of weird and like I may love it.
  • A Ghost in the Throat (Doireann Ni Ghriofa) – This one is also on my general 2023 TBR, which I have not quite finalized yet. I have the audio book and the paperback. It was a book I bought early on in 2022 and I kept meaning to read. I hope I will love this one.
  • The Angel’s Game (Carlos Ruiz Zafon) – Another one that will be on my general 2023 TBR. I loved The Shadow of the Wind and always meant to continue. I decided it’s time!
  • The Mad Ship (Robin Hobb) – I really enjoyed the first book the Liveship Traders series and I am excited to continue!
  • The Secret Garden (Frances Hodgson Burnett) – I have this as an e-book and for some reason it has been calling me. The audio book is included in my Audible subscription, so I may well listen to it.
  • Fictions (Jorge Luis Borges) – I am doing a South American classics project in 2023 and this is the one I will likely start with. It will be on my 2023 TBR as well. I have a feeling I will love it. I am actually really excited in general about diving into South American literature a bit more.
  • The Marriage Portrait (Maggie O’Farrell) – I can’t wait to read this one. I love this author’s writing style and storytelling. I have no doubt I will love it.
  • Armageddon’s Children (Terry Brooks) – I would like to return to reading some Terry Brooks, the first fantasy author I truly devoured books from as a teenager twenty years ago. There is an alternate order of reading the books for people who have read them before, so I will be sticking to that. This is is the first book of the Genesis of Shannara trilogy and it’s the one it starts with. I last read this one about six years ago, I think. I am a little apprehensive as well as excited, because especially the first Shannara books meant so much to me when I was young. It will be strange to return to those eventually.
  • Snow Like Ashes (Sara Raasch) – This one has been sitting on my shelves for ages, but it has been calling to me and it’s time to read it. I have no other reason, apart from that I am in a fantasy mood.

Now I will see how many of those I can fit on my January TBR as I am so excited to read all of those!

Books · Seasonal TBR · TBR

Autumn 2022 TBR

For me, autumn is the last quarter of the year, 1 October until New Year’s Eve.

My seasonal TBRs are always 12 books, four for each month, leaving me plenty of space for mood reading. Of course, this is the final quarter and my various TBRs need fulfilling! I am a bit behind on my 2022 TBR, but I have not but all the books on this TBR, even if I fully plan to read all of them.

I went with the following books:

  • A River Dies of Thirst (Mahmoud Darwish) – This one has been on my last two seasonal TBRs and I still did not manage to get to it. I really want to though, so I will definitely prioritise.
  • Children of the Alley (Naguib Mahfouz) – I haven’t read a book my Mahfouz yet this year and I want to correct that. This one is also on my Classics TBR for this year.
  • The ABC Murders (Agatha Christie) – I will likely listen to this on audio, but this one is also on my Classics TBR.
  • Fingersmith (Sarah Waters) – From my 2022 TBR. This actually sounds like the perfect autumn read.
  • Northanger Abbey (Jane Austen) – Yes. Classics TBR. I think this one is quite gothic, so hopefully perfect for this time of year.
  • Mrs Dalloway (Virginia Woolf) – You guessed it! Classics TBR!
  • Anna Karenina (Leo Tolstoy) – THE big one. This one is on both my 2022 and Classics TBRs, so I really should get to it. I am very intimidated! I should just bite the bullet!
  • Curse of the Raven (Nicholas Kotar) – This is a short one, but it’s on my 2022 TBR. I plan to read this one in October, as it works for the Buzzwordathon prompt.
  • Homegoing ( Yaa Gyasi) – This one is on my 2022 TBR and works for the November Buzzwordathon prompt.
  • The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet (David Mitchell) – This one is outside any of my TBRs, but I’d like to read it anyway!
  • Christmas Lights (Karen Swan) – Just felt like putting a couple of Christmas reads on here. This one I meant to read last year, but didn’t get to it, so I really should this year.
  • Stay Another Day (Juno Dawson) – Another Christmas read to finish off my main autumn TBR.


These are the other books still on my TBRs for 2022:

  • Clean (Juno Dawson) – 2022 TBR
  • The Wife Between Us (Hendricks/Pekkanen) – 2022 TBR
  • Lost Boy (Christina Henry) – 2022 TBR
  • It Ends With Us (Colleen Hoover) – 2022 TBR
  • Room (Emma McDonoghue) – 2022 TBR
  • The Chalk Man (C J Tudor) – 2022 TBR
  • The Aeneid (Virgil) – Classics TBR

Is it doable to read those as well? Hopefully!