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Book Thoughts: The Things We Do (Kay Pfaltz)

Pfaltz, Kay - The Things We Do


Title: The Things We Do
Author: Kay Pfaltz
Genre: Fiction / Mystery
First published: 2017
Edition: Paperback, self-published by author

The author was kind enough to send me a copy of her book, but this in no way influences my opinion of the book itself.

As it was, I really enjoyed reading this novel. The book is written from two main POVs and some minor ones. I could relate to both female leads and I could understand what made them tick, which is something that is very important to me when I am reading a book.

Part of the book is set in a women’s prison and part of the book is about a woman going undercover at a laboratory where dogs and other animals are used for animal testing. We find out later how the two parts are related.

The books does have some awful accounts of what happens to animals, particularly dogs,  in research laboratories, but though honestly written, they are not overly gruesome for the sake of it. Throughout the book the writer’s passion for animals and what happens to them is clear and it really made me warm to the writing.

On a side-note, I do only buy cruelty-free cosmetics and beauty products, as that is an easy thing to change, but when it comes to medicine, it remains a difficult dilemma. The author does address this conflict between healthcare and animal testing when someone gets very ill.

I have a couple of niggles, but nothing major. This book is being marketed as a psychological thriller, but I would not describe this as a thriller at all. It is not tense enough to be a thriller. Having said that, though it did not have the intensity and tension I was expecting, I really loved the writing, the characters and the story that unfolded. It is a more of a murder mystery novel that focuses on people and the way we relate to each other and to our animals.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who loves animals.

5 out of 7 stars

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Book Thoughts: A Different Kind of Lovely (Petra March)

March, Petra - A Different Kind of Lovely


Title: A Different Kind of Lovely
Author: Petra March
Genre: Fiction / Romance
First published: 23 May 2017  (self-published)
Edition: E-book, courtesy of author

I am in two minds about this novel and I was throughout.

On one hand I enjoyed the love story between ballerina Mina and grieving Neal, but on the other hand I found their relationship very frustrating. However, I liked the fact that the book really was just centered on those two characters and the way they relate to each other.

The writing was in turns lyrical and clumsy. There is some really lovely imagery, but then clear cases of telling rather than showing at other times. The author clearly has talent, but I feel the book could have done with a bit more proof reading for repetition of certain words and the flow of the narrative.

I found most of the time I did not quite feel invested in Mina and Neal’s story, but then at times I did and I just did not know quite how to feel about this book.

In the end I liked it, but I did not quite end up loving it.

4 out of 7 stars 

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Book Thoughts: Flow (Clare Littlemore)

Littlemore, Clare - Flow


Title: Flow
Author:  Clare Littlemore
Genre: Fiction / Young Adult / Dystopian
First published: 2017
Edition: E-book, provided by author (self-published)

I sped through this novel, written from the point of view of a sixteen-year-old girl growing up in a community called The Beck. Her world is constantly threatened by floods and she has never known anything else but the Lower Beck, the area she works in. Until she gets reassigned.

This is a very well written gripping story. I got into it very quickly and was with Quin every part of the way as she learned more about The Beck. The author’s writing style is perfect for this tale; clear and to the point. Yet, this book gave me so many feels. I felt sad, angry, frustrated and heartbroken by the end, but man, was it worth it.

If you have enjoyed dystopian YA novels like The Hunger Games and Divergent, you are sure to love this one. It is well written, has an excellent plot and engaging characters. I kept thinking it would make a great movie as well.

The author provided me with an e-copy of this book, but this does not in any way influence my review. As it is, I thoroughly recommend checking this book out. It is awesome and I am looking forward to reading the sequel Break.

6 out of 7 stars