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WWW Wednesdays: 13 January 2021

My first WWW of 2021! Wow! I did not end up doing last week’s for some reason.


WWW Wednesdays’ home is at Sam’s blog Taking On A World of Words. Check it out!

The three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you will read next?


What am I currently reading?

I have just started reading The Stationery Shop by Marjan Kamali. It takes place Tehran, Iran. I am only 10 pages in and it has already made me cry… so this one may well break my heart!

I also started a new audio book yesterday. I went with actor Matthew McConaughey’s Greenlights. It’s kind of a guide to living, but he uses his own experiences to explain his theories. I love listening to this one. His voice is something else. I saw him talk about this book a while ago and it sounded like a good one. I am only 45 minutes in, but it’s such a fun one to listen to so far.

What have I recently finished reading?

I have finally read Matt Haig’s The Midnight Library. What can I say? I just love his writing. His stories feel so familiar somehow. I did not love it quite as much as How To Stop Time, but I still really liked it.

I also read The Duke And I, the first Bridgertons book, by Julia Quinn. I watched the series and thought I would give it a go, as it was only 99p for my Kindle. It was a fun romp, but was not that enamoured with the hero in the story. He was a little bit too problematic for me.

Finally, I listened to my first audio book of the year, which was Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein. It basically follows the creation and demise of the band Sleater-Kinney. I read it for a music book club. Sleater-Kinney is a band I know, but not one I particularly love. I really enjoyed the book though. particularly because it is about a band that is not hugely famous. It feels very honest and raw.

What will I be reading next?

No idea to be honest. I will decide when I finish my current reads.

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