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Book Thoughts: Torn (Natalia Jaster)

Such a frustrating author for me!


Title: Torn (Selfish Myths #2)
Author: Natalia Jaster (USA)
Genre: Fiction /New Adult/Fantasy Romance
First published: 2019
Edition: Kindle Unlimited e-book

As a revolution simmers between celestial renegades and ancient rulers, I discover that Merry’s the key to my retribution. According to a dangerous legend, she alone can help me resurrect my power, reclaim my place among the magical elite—and mend my broken heart. The price: I have to break hers in return.


Here’s the thing… There are some flashes of lovely writing in this book, but in places I actively disliked the author’s choice of words and actions in this one as well. Sometimes in the same paragraph! I am so conflicted.

The first book in this series (Touch) was just ok for me, but I wanted to read this second book as it centred around the most intriguing characters from the first book. To be honest, the characterisation of Anger and his love interest Merry really was not bad, but the interactions between them just did not work for me. I really did not pick up on any true chemistry. Their feelings for each other were just… there. It was read, not felt, by me, and I needed to feel it!

It started out stronger than the first book in the series, but it soon fizzled out and by the end I was skimming a little, which is unusual for me. I just lost interest.

The sex scenes really did not work for me, but I know I am a picky reader when it comes to those. They felt very perfunctory and lacked any emotion or chemistry for me. Again, they just were. In a book like this, I want these sort of scenes to at least have a spark.

I have read one book by this author that I absolutely loved, but the others have simply disappointed. It’s frustrating, because the author clearly can write a good story. I am not sure whether I will continue this series or whether I will pick up anything by this author again.

3 out of 7 stars

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