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Book Thoughts: The Wife Between Us (Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen)

Enjoyable, but forgettable


Title: The Wife Between Us
Author: Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary/Thriller
First published: 2018
Edition: Kindle e-book

When you read this book, you will make many assumptions.
You will assume you are reading about a jealous ex-wife.
You will assume she is obsessed with her replacement – a beautiful, younger woman who is about to marry the man they both love.
You will assume you know the anatomy of this tangled love triangle.
Assume nothing.


First line(s):

She walks briskly down the city sidewalk, her blond hair bouncing against her shoulders, cheeks flushed, a gym bag looped over her forearm.


I enjoyed this domestic thriller, but I am not sure it is quite my genre.

It definitely made a nice change from my usual reading fare and therefore it felt quite refreshing, but I do feel like most domestic thrillers I have read (not that many!) feel a little similar to me.

The characters were fine and I could see the manipulations and I liked the way the authors wove the story as a whole. There were a few twists that I liked and a few I thought a bit melodramatic and unnecessary.

I think the ending was reasonably satisfactory, but some of the relationships and connections in this just felt a bit iffy and far fetched to me.

So, overall I enjoyed this. It’s a good one to put your mind on zero and just curl up with. It’s not one that will stick with me, but I would read by these authors again.

This is a rather uninspired review, but I think this is all I have to say about this one.

5 out of 7 stars

CAWPILE score: 7.3

  • Characters: 8
  • Atmosphere: 7
  • Writing Style: 8
  • Plot: 7
  • Intrigue: 7
  • Logic: 7
  • Enjoyment: 7

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