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Book Thoughts: The Little Book Cafe – Tash’s Story (Georgia Hill)

A quick relatable read

★★★★☆ – CALSPIE 8.07

Title: The Little Book Cafe – Tash’s Story
Author: Georgia Hill
Genre: Fiction / Chick Lit
First published: 2018
Edition: Kindle e-book

Local estate agent Tash isn’t convinced about joining the new book club at Berecombe’s beautiful new bookshop and café. Dragged there by her friend Emma, she knows she needs a night out. Her boyfriend Adrian is wonderful, and adores her, but has become a bit clingy of late. So when she is introduced to new local farmer Kit, with his scruffy beard and low-key look, its’s a breath of fresh air to chat to someone so un-Adrian. Maybe this book club idea could be fun after all!


This was a nice short read that I actually really appreciated, for the most part.

The story of Tash’s relationship with her initial boyfriend in this book is one that many women will recognise themselves in, I think. Manipulative boyfriends, though maybe not as bad as Adrian in this novel, is always an interesting and unfortunately way too familiar subject. You live and you grow luckily! I thought it was portrayed very well and Tash was a likeable character that did not seem too weak – even if she does not realise in the beginning what is happening.

As for her growing attraction to her love interest, it was well handled and I was very glad to see there was no cheating storyline on her part! That’s a pet peeve for sure. Even if the initial boyfriend is crap, cheating is never a plot device I like.

There were a couple of things in the writing that bothered me, but overall this was a nicely written story and I enjoyed it.

4 out of 5 stars



  • Characters: 8
  • Ambience: 8
  • Language: 7.5
  • Story: 8.5
  • Pacing: 8
  • Interest: 8.5
  • Enjoyment: 8

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