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Book Thoughts: Times New Roman (Martha Miller)

Miller, Martha - Times New Roman


Title: Times New Roman
Author: Martha Miller
Genre: Non-Fiction / Travel Writing / Memoir
First published: 2016
Edition: Paperback, published by NJM Press, courtesy of author

‘How we quit our jobs, gave away our stuff and moved to Italy’

It took me a while to start reading this. I am afraid to say I received this book a few months ago and I put off reading it. I just felt I wanted to read about Italy when the weather got warmer, so I was not too depressed that I was not in sundrenched Rome while the rain was pelting against my window.

I am so glad I finally picked this up to read, as this book was right up my street. I found it such a charming, well written, but casual account of twenty one months spent in Rome. The author moved to Italy’s capital with her husband and tells her readers eloquently about everyday Roman life, food, language,  culture differences and shopping experiences.  I loved every word!

Yes, this is just a story of everyday life in a strange city, but Miller writes with warmth and a friendly familiarity that makes it such an easy cozy read. If you enjoy travel writing, you will love this! And it will make you want to move to Rome too!

6 out of 7 stars



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