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Music Monday: Step (Vampire Weekend)


Music Monday was created by Drew From The Tattooed Book Geek. Pick a song you love and share it… to brighten up that dreaded Monday. A meme right up my street!

This week… Step by Vampire Weekend. Vampire Weekend? Yep, Vampire Weekend. I always thought Vampire Weekend really was not for me. They were too young, too preppy, too quirky. I sort of like hearing a song on the radio every now an then, but their first two albums were not really for me. Way too manic for my tastes. They made me feel wound up somehow.

Then their third album, Modern Vampires of the City, came along and something had changed. I fell in love with that album. It seemed more mature than the previous ones, less manic. It sounds better, the songs are more up my street.

It’s got an awesome cover too!

Image result

So, yes, Step from that album. I don’t know why I love that song so much, but I just do. The lyrics don’t make sense one bit, but I kinda like that and does have one of my favourite lines ever (‘stale conversation deserves but the bread knife’) 🙂

I still don’t listen to the first two albums though …


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